In this week’s edition of the MLHS Podcast, Nick Ashbourne and Anthony Petrielli discuss Mitch Marner and Calle Jarnkrok’s injuries, the experiments/lessons we could glean from their absences, Bobby McMann’s new contract, and the makeup of the blue line with Joel Edmundson added to the mix.

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Episode Overview

  • Mitch Marner’s high-ankle sprain — and the valuable lessons, experiments, benefits, and hardships it has/could create (0:55)
  • The concern level about the PK — especially after the Marner + Jarnkrok injuries — and whether there is hope for optimism/improvement with the new additions (12:05)
  • Calle Jarnkrok’s injury, the implications of his week-to-week absence, and Nick Robertson re-entering the lineup (20:40)
  • The contract extension for Bobby McMann and the outlook of the forward group in the coming seasons (24:00)
  • The situation at center, the well-trodden scenario of David Kampf as a 3C, and the outlook at the position down the stretch/into the playoffs (35:50)
  • The makeup of the team’s defense group with Joel Edmundson in the mix (47:20)