Game Recap: Game #39, Rangers 2 vs. Leafs 1 (SO)

NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 23: Jonathan Bernier #45 and Peter Holland #24 of the Toronto Maple Leafs dive to block a shot by J.T. Miller #10 of the New York Rangers during the second period at Madison Square Garden on December 23, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Leafs are doing their best Mighty Ducks impersonation for the HBO cameras, taking three straight games to shootout. Except these shootouts don’t have Goldberg, knucklepucks, Gunnar Stahl, triple dekes, and shouldn’t decide NHL games.

The Leafs had no business getting a point in this game to begin with. This was another game featuring a full period spent snowed under, and  another stolen point by a Leaf goaltender.

We’re nearly at the half way point of the season and we’re still all too often talking about points as though a bonus despite poor play. That’s a bummer, but it at least  has the Leafs in a playoff position if they can find some consistency and get some bodies back at center in the second half.

First Period


The Leafs were outskating the Rangers to start the game and looked intent on opening the scoring. A good  cycle shift by McClement, Clarkson and Kulemin led to a high sticking penalty and early Leafs PP.

The top line was looking sprightly early, with a beautiful three way passing play narrowly missing off the stick of Kadri.

Mason Raymond picked off a Ranger D at his own blueline for a partial breakaway, drawing a second powerplay for the Leafs. There was some good puck movement on both of the powerplays, but not enough was directed toward the net.

The Rangers caught the Leafs on the counter attack with Rick Nash bearing down on Bernier, but Jake Gardiner closed down the threat. Gardiner also bailed out Cody Franson with a good stick in the slot a few minutes later.

Raymond went on his second breakaway of the period after a gorgeous backhand saucer pass from Holland from blueline to blueline. Raymond got a-less-than-challenging shot off and fell under pressure from the defenceman on his back.

Phil Kessel generated a couple of half chances streaking off the rush on the right wing

This game got even more wide open between the 10 and 5 minute mark of the period. Pretty entertaining, structure free stuff with a lot of high-skill plays from the Leafs in particular. It looks good when it works.

Holland looked quite effective on a shift to shift basis in this period. He was providing an open support option on the breakout and moving the puck really well.

Imagine if this team were to ever have all five of Bozak, Bolland, Kadri, Holland and McClement healthy? Shift McClement to the wing and compose a D’Amigo – Holland – McClement 4th line that can play 10-11 minutes a night. Knowing Carlyle, this is mere fantasy.

2nd period


A few minutes into the second frame, Paul Ranger and Morgan Rielly, hilariously, both join the attack at the same time and run into each other behind the net, leaving Nik Kulemin to scramble as the last man back.

I understand Liles struggled on Saturday, but that pairing was showing too much promise for me to give up on it. You lose none of the risk taking element with Ranger, and you do lose the speed and hockey smarts. You maybe gain a little muscle in the battles. Then again, a few minutes later the Rangers hit the post after Ranger got knocked off balance in a 50/50 battle by the half wall.

Kadri found an opening after a wholesale change by the Ranger forwards opened some space through the netural ice; his shot was deflected into the crowd.

The Rangers hit a post on a seeing eye puck from the point which sent the top line scrambling. A rebound a few seconds later was cleared by Kadri with an attacker nearby and an empty net waiting.

From there, the Leafs got completely snowed under from the 14 minute mark onward. After taking just 7 minor penalties in their previous six games, the Leafs took four in the final nine minutes.

The Rangers outshot the Leafs 22-5, with Bernier the only thing keeping this tied. That and JT Miller missing an empty net. This inability to prevent one bad shift from bleeding into the next five to the point where the team eats 15 shots in 10 minutes is difficult to wrap the head around.

Is it fear, mental fragility? A collapsing system that has the Leafs second to pucks? The inability to dig deep and win battles when the momentum builds against them?

This was early on in the process of the Rangers taking over this game, but the Leafs finally getting out of their own end and Raymond making a stupid pass behind everybody for a turnover at the offensive blueline was enraging.

Paul Ranger was the victim of some shitty luck with 5 minutes to go as he broke his stick on his first pass. Colton Orr took a worthwhile penalty to prevent the man from walking straight in on Bernier.

The Leafs finally got some relief thanks to a Rick Nash goaltender interference penalty. The Leafs briefly went to the powerplay until Lupul picked up a boarding call.

What else could go wrong this period? The Leafs mixed in a too-many-men call and spent the final few seconds on a 5 on 3.

Toronto somehow escaped the period still tied. By somehow, I mean Jonathan Bernier and luck.

3rd period


More big saves by Jonathan Bernier kept the game even as the Leafs killed off the penalty to start the third.

The Leafs first sign of push back came from the Kulemin, McClement and Clarkson line. Kulemin, delayed in getting a shot off, missed a prime chance in front before jamming at a loose puck, hitting the post before it trickled along the goalline and somehow stayed out.

GOAL – So came the goal the Rangers had long deserved. A hard cycle got the Leafs (Raymond, Ranger especially) puck watching with their backs turned to the incoming threat off the bench as JT Miller bombed through the middle lane and picked up a pass from behind the net to put the Rangers up 1-0.

Gardiner and Franson spent a good chunk of a shift going D to D only for their forward outlet to lose the puck and do it all over again.

The Leafs spent another shift having to scramble and regroup on the breakout before finally moving up the ice and getting a big break, as a flip over the glass went for a delay of game penalty.

GOAL – The Leafs didn’t cash in on the actual powerplay, but a few seconds after it ended Clarkson attempted a desperation jam play from behind the net. The ref thankfully let the play go on a little longer before Kadri’s  poke edged the puck over the goal line . The call on the ice of a goal was huge on this one as the refs could’ve claimed the intention was to blow the whistle otherwise.

You’ve got to feel great for Clarkson getting in on a couple of big goals the past few games. Both were sheer-force-of-will kind of plays late on in games. That’s what he’s paid for.


Chaos aplenty.


Can’t complain when he’s the whole reason they earned a point, but Bernier isn’t so hot at the shootout.

The Leafs are now 5-4 in the shootout.

3D. PhaneufD0000040330-5:11:003:39:0027:24:00
4C. FransonD0000025012-5:11:002:33:0023:40:00
11J. McClementC000002320270%0:00:005:02:0018:37:00
12M. RaymondL0000010020-1:04:000:00:0016:18:00
15P. RangerD000-1011011-0:00:002:43:0016:08:00
19J. LupulL000-121210075%5:03:000:04:0020:24:00
21J. van RiemsdykL00000000000%5:35:001:40:0023:39:00
22J. SmithsonC000000000033%0:00:001:29:004:56:00
24P. HollandC000-121000170%0:00:000:00:0015:42:00
28C. OrrR0000203000-0:10:000:00:003:55:00
29J. D'AmigoR0000010100-0:00:002:14:006:48:00
36C. GunnarssonD0000001100-0:00:004:00:0020:40:00
41N. KuleminL00000210100%0:00:002:59:0015:04:00
43N. KadriC101104201129%2:18:000:00:0019:29:00
44M. RiellyD0110020000-1:54:000:00:0016:35:00
51J. GardinerD0001010221-1:54:000:47:0025:33:00
71D. ClarksonR0111003000-1:11:000:00:0015:24:00
81P. KesselC0000040000-5:54:000:00:0021:51:00
45J. Bernier (L)42 - 430.977064:53:00

  • Cloud09

    Pretty sure Burke took this teams balls to Calgary.

  • gilmourhalloffame

    On a positive note I liked the new lights in MSG. The game was nice and bright on tv.

  • darthNihilus

    Cloud09 lol hahaha

  • PEIleafnation

    I read a lot on here that delzotto sucks cant play on teams bottom pair…not sure I think hes that bad

  • wiski

    By only playing one period a game in the first half of the season the leafs should be fresh for the second half, right 😉

  • darthNihilus

    5 SOG in the 2nd – what really pisses me off is that this has been a regular occurance since last season. When will the coaching staff look at and work out ways to overcome and prevent getting hemmed in our own zone? Shouldn’t this be something that is practiced daily until it is out of our system or we have THE CORRECT REACTION NAILED DOWN?

  • wiski
    Holland to Reimer on 24/7 about Bernier starting “when you’re hot you’re hot”
    Reimer’s response “when you’re in you’re in”

  • darthNihilus

    when will the coaching staff devise a system to counteract our being hemmed in our own zone for entire periods? 5 SOG in the 2nd.

  • wiski

    darthNihilus  Carlyle: “Schedule has been hectic,it feels like we’re playing every 2nd day. There really isn’t time for practice

  • loomx

    wiski I’m in this weird state of loving the Leafs(obviously) but also wishing that everything goes horribly just to spite the clowns that are running this team.

  • Knights2Leafs

    darthNihilus You mean the coaching staff that devised a system that causes us to only get 5 shots in a period?  The answer is not bloody soon enough.
    Isn’t this about the time of year Nonis should give Carlyle a contract extension in his stocking?

  • T K O

    Wow they need to put a dislike button and a Rob Ford (you’re on crack) button for this site…yeesh

  • Cloud09

    Knights2Leafs darthNihilus I’d rather something pink in his stocking…

  • Cloud09

    Well since MLSE is all about optics my guess is Carlyle gets fired January 7th, that way HBO won’t be around to not film it.

  • Cloud09
    Phil Kessel hasn’t spoken to the media in three weeks (Dec. 1) after declining comment again tonight following SOL at MSG.

  • loomx

    Cloud09 I really want to see them fire him on HBO and then not announce it until the show airs. Guaranteed to be the most watched show in HBO history.

  • loomx

    Cloud09 Realizing what a colossal mistake he’s made.

  • juliesucks

    Cloud09 He wont be fired until next year, if they start slow.

  • Cloud09

    juliesucks Cloud09  They should keep him for the whole season and grab McDavid

  • Knights2Leafs

    juliesucks Cloud09 I disagree.  He’s not Nonis’ guy, but if the Leafs don’t make the playoffs and RC starts next season as coach he becomes Nonis’ guy.

  • FloorHockeyFlopper

    I don’t know how much more of this crap I can watch – this is such uninspired hockey it makes me sick – seen every game this year, bout to make a change!!!!!!  This is freaking bull crap

  • Cloud09

    Knights2Leafs juliesucks Cloud09 Nonis said its not Carlyle’s fault… so it must be true…

  • Cloud09

    So how long until Leaf nation shows up to the front doors of the ACC with pitchforks and torches??? I’m ready to burn that mutha fucker to the ground!

  • juliesucks

    Knights2LeafsjuliesucksCloud09 I’m just going by Nonis’ track record of being ‘patient’. I want RC gone. There are slumps and then there is what the Leafs are going through. We’ve been garbage since game 7. We used to be one of the best offenses in the league. Now we can’t score or defend. Who’s gonna want to play here anymore? Last year was one step forward, this year a few steps back.
    I’m envious of the Flyers. I know they have issues. But when it’s time to make a move they go all out.

  • wiski
    Babcock “getting booed off the ice in your own building the last game before Christmas, to me that’s a sad state of affairs”

  • vinoa

    loomx Cloud09 I think he’s not as noncompetitive as some would like us to believe. Kessel’s not a loser and he’s not enjoying playing for a losing organization. I like that fire from Phil. Let’s see if he can start answering these questions on the ice. We all know he’s quiet, but we don’t know what he’s capable of when he’s fired up.

  • juliesucks

    Cloud09 Leaf fans will show up with $. Don’t forget the 7 years prior to last…

  • Belfour20

    I missed the game as I have been without power since late Saturday night and just now got it back. How did we do tonight? Anybody besides Bernier play well? 

    By the way after watching RC during last weeks struggle on 24/7 I really think he’s the perfect coach for this young bunch. He’s loose when they need him to be and he’s on their ass when they need it. I think he’s a well balanced coach as far as when it comes to dealing with the boys.

  • Roenick72

    Alec, did you really write that Bernier is not very good at shootouts. He just stole a point for us and got beat on two perfect shots in the shootout. Cam Talbot also got beat on two shots, the difference zuccarelllo hit post and went in, JVR hit post and went out. People need to get there head out of their ass. The leafs have problems but its not Bernier and shootouts.

  • loomx
    Sick of the Leafs. Watch something that’s actually cool.

  • wiski

    Belfour20 Looked like a much faster team in the first, took the second period off and were lucky to squeak out a point in the third.

  • Roenick72

    The worst part of that game is that the Rangers were on a back to back, and they took it to us.

  • lukethenuke

    Roenick72 JVR post out, Lupul post in
    Zuc post in

  • Roenick72

    Bruffins Roenick72 Alright Bruffins, Reimer is a elite goalie, forgot you know everything!

  • Leafbites

    What a sad, sad hockey club. Thank you goaltender for the point, again tonight.  

    Time to go enjoy Christmas somewhere where I don’t have to see that doofus Randy Carlyle’s name or face for a few days. 

    Merry Christmas Alec, Declan & MLHS crew- and of course to all the awesome lunatic Leaf fans that visit here, be safe & Happy Holidays!!!

  • The_Polish_Cannon

    Roenick72 he also said we can’t complain because he’s the reason we got a point at all. But Bernier did look pretty bad on the second shootout goal. Admitting that isn’t taking away from his stellar performance throughout the game

  • lukethenuke

    “We played a very solid road game,” Toronto captain said. “It was very good to get a point.”

  • lukethenuke

    OMG its real Im gonna puke

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Roenick72 I gave him full credit for the point. A lot of very good goalies are not good at the shootout. Referring more to the 2nd shot.

  • Biltmore

    There has to be something going on we’re not hearing about. They’ve fallen off a cliff and are unwatchable right now. Even the last couple Wilson years of run ‘n’ gun and lose like hell were more entertaining than this year’s team. I’d rather stand in a freezing rink and watch a Midget AAA game than sit in a warm, comfortable chair at home with the Leafs on tv.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Leafbites Cheers, Leafbites. Check in tmrw if you have time between turkey and fam. We have a good parody of Night Before Christmas going up to try to lighten the mood.

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    once again…our problems are effort and executions….guys aren’t first to pucks, and when they are, they aren’t making the right play or the support isn’t there. This is a commitment to team defence here and a commitment to hounding pucks and making strong plays, and it needs to be everyone, cause when everyone is doing it, we play well

  • wendelsfist

    lukethenukeRecall what Phanuef said last game – that he took responsibility and the team needs to play better.  Now the leafs are clearly playing better because he said and so he and the team no longer needs to take responsibility.   

    Good News for us, the leafs are playing better!

  • alvintrilliams

    wiski I heard “when you win you’re in”

  • Komas Taberle

    He is slowly becoming a laughing stock.

  • wendelsfist

    loomxThis is happening so quick and I’m not sure how aplayer track the 9 other skaters

  • Mcost61

    Getting out shot almost 2 to 1 and Dion said we had a solid road game?  Lots of Blue and White players better check their hockey socks for coal

  • wiski

    alvintrilliams wiski that is it

  • Cameron19

    Komas Taberle lukethenuke lol, You guys are the laughing stock.  It’s embarrassing reading these comments.  You’d think we were blown out 11-0.  It was a 1-1 game where each team won a period and split the last. I think we all need to take a step back, and grow the fuck up, and stop trying to make these grand statements about the team and individuals on it after every fucking shift, period and game.  It’s pathetic already. They did play a solid road game, and everyone here would agree had we won the freakin’ gimmick. But we didn’t, so everyone is shit and we’re a joke.  Enough of this nonsense already.

  • Jp45654

    Coaching staff can only do so much. These guys have to want to win; many seem ok with losing right now.