Paul Ranger leaves game on a stretcher

Paul Ranger leaves game on a stretcher


Our thoughts are with Paul Ranger tonight after the Leafs defenceman took a brutal hit from behind at the end of tonight’s 1st period. Ranger stayed face down for some time before slowly being turned and placed on a stretcher, with concerns about a possible head or neck injury.

Ranger reportedly gave a thumbs up on his way off the ice, and was seen moving his feet and blinking. He was taken to a local hospital by ambulance.


Update 2:

This deserves a good hard look from the League at the least. Alex Killorn is staring at the numbers all the way through and chooses to follow through with the hit anyway. Paul Ranger overskating the puck and pivoting back placed his head in a vulnerable spot, but it is a hit from behind with plenty of advanced warning.

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