We're the Devils! THE DEVILS!

I spent most of Wednesday afternoon watching the super-extended version of Return of the King on DVD. Must have jinxed it.

Oh, and settle a bet – what’s a better headline? The one above, or “Not so Quick, Jonathan.” Personally, I like the ‘Quick’ one – but he didn’t really have a bad enough game to warrant using it.

David Puddy’s Devils prolonged their Stanley Cup life Wednesday night with a 3-1 victory over the Los Angeles Kings, who temporarily missed their opportunity to end a 45 year cup drought at home – and in front of celebrities! Goals from Elias (slick backhand!), Henrique (clutch snapper!), and Kovalchuk (empty net!) beat Jonathan Quick, calling into question our shared misconception that the young Kings’ goaltender was sent here from the planet Krypton by loving parents moments before his homeworld exploded.

Some LA highlights would include Doughty’s goal, and this save by Quick.

Game 5 is three days after Game 4, this Saturday, June 9, at 8:00pm EST. I’m assuming that delay is TV-deal related, and not just a random injection of extra time for players to rest and playoff-related merchandise to be sold.

Thursday links:

-The Edmonton Oilers have extended the contract of GM Steve Tambellini, because icing poor teams that finish terribly enough to allow the fairly automatic selection of top tier forwards with high draft picks – while largely ignoring a colossally troubling defense/goaltending situation – is a unique skill that should be rewarded.

-Mirtle points out just how amazing Jonathan Quick has been for the Kings via the Globe.

-Not sure it’s appeared anywhere officially yet, but according to Dreger via Twitter, Marty Lapointe is indeed about to be named the Habs’ new Director of Player Development. Related, the Habs relieved the ‘Randy’ assistant coaches – Cunneyworth and Ladouceur – of their duties, presumably so Therrien can fill out his own staff. Which makes Marc Bergevin’s specific relegation of Cunneyworth to assistant coaching duties just last month all the more puzzling and irrelevant.

-Yesterday, our own Mr. Brownscombe discussed the Leafs‘ potential drafting strategy with a Top 5 pick. Related, via Leafs Nation: Igor Larionov claims the Leafs would like to draft multiple Top 5 players, presumably via some fancy trading. I’m gonna go ahead and say no.

-Via The Toronto Star, Kevin McGran talks about the misery the Leafs should will feel if when the LA Kings end their 45 year cup drought this spring. Personally, I’m outright fatigued of the 100% incorrect assumption that this unfortunate statistic – indicative solely of past mistakes – has any objective connection to the current team or hockey operations personnel.