Leafs Nation’s Collective Free Agency Freakout


How dare he!?

A fairly big portion of Leafs Nation is freaking out about Burke doing “nothing” in free agency. First of all, this is an insult to Jay McClement and Mike Kostka because I don’t think they consider themselves – nothing.

Then there’s the notion that we should have overspent on players like Brandon Prust, Jordin Tootoo etc. because nothing will solve our team needs more than overpaid fourth liners. Leafs’ biggest needs are goaltending and top six talent (preferably size and skill at the C position) so naturally they fit the bill. The amount of sheer irrationality is staggering.

I want to make something perfectly clear, simply because this writer doesn’t realize how it’s not perfectly clear already. We’re at the beginning of hockey’s summer and the Leafs roster looks like it needs re-tooling/is set up to be re-tooled.

The Leafs have stockpiled defensemen and have already shipped out Luke Schenn for James van Riemsdyk. In fact, Burke has come out and flat out said he is still looking to upgrade goaltending and that most of his future moves will be done via trades and that the Leafs aren’t done yet.

How does all that scream “Burke isn’t doing/won’t do anything to improve this hockey team!” to you? How?

I know some of you out there don’t like Burke, your main argument being that he still hasn’t done anything in Toronto. Don’t have a problem with that, can’t say it’s completely unwarranted. I do, however, have a problem with the “magic wand” attitude, your lack of understanding of the cap world and your unrealistic views of your GMs job description.

Him failing to make the playoffs, his team collapsing under the previous coach, sure – blame away. But putting blame on a guy for attending the Gay Pride while having a ton (a ton) of more than capable staff on patrol and completely ignoring the existence of modern technology while at the same time not giving any thought as to what he’s experiencing on that day is not only lacking in basic human empathy, but ignorant as well.

Now, this isn’t me calling you politically incorrect (to put it mildly) towards a certain demographic because I’m not willing to equal someone’s views about the work ethics of a GM and his views about gay people. What I AM saying is that whatever your reasoning behind ripping Burke apart because he went to the Pride is, it’s wrong. Burke had every right to be there and it had zero impact on July 1st as far as the Maple Leafs are concerned.

Blaming him for not acquiring Getzlaf, Staal (when it was perfectly clear where the player wanted to play, much like Parise) or whatever superstar you want to see in the Blue and White, for not throwing insane offer sheets to players, is being frustrated about something completely different.

Everyone knows this is/should be Burke’s last season in charge of the Maple Leafs if he falters, fails to improve this hockey team and doesn’t make the playoffs but, come on, at least give the man this summer (summer he still has to make moves) before you start throwing accusations about not improving the team (in this particular period of time) his way.