Bozak wants 8 years, 4.5+ million?; Agent Don Meehan believes MacArthur will test UFA



Umm, what?

It’s troubling to me that negotiations are even ongoing, and that Nonis has repeatedly expressed a desire to bring Bozak back, if these kind of terms represent the current conditions of the negotiation. The Leafs aren’t perfect down the middle, but they’ve now got some depth with a decent, role-defined one through four. They’re without a clear-cut number one center, but paying Tyler Bozak anything close to what he apparently seems to think he’s worth is just all sorts of silly and obviously does not fix that problem. None of this should need to be said, but there seems to be something – maybe management views Tyler Bozak completely differently than most of us here do – that makes me uneasy about the outcome of this negotiation.

Those dollars are better allocated toward adding a defenceman and a winger in order to fill out the roster for next season.

On that note, The Sun is reporting that Don Meehan, agent of Clarke MacArthur, believes his agent will be testing Unrestricted Free Agency. No surprise there as there hasn’t been much talk of any negotiation between the two sides. It’s likely the Leafs are now going to take a healthy run at David Clarkson. The Leafs can talk to Clarkson starting tomorrow, when the pre-UFA negotiation window opens.


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