Best All Time Maple Leafs – By Nationality


Maple Leafs Hot Stove has been tasked with the challenge of submitting (for a blog series soon to be announced at a popular hockey website) a team of eight past or present Maple Leafs who were the best Blue and White representatives of the following countries:

  1. Canada
  2. USA
  3. Russia
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Slovakia
  6. Sweden
  7. Finland
  8. The Rest of The World (i.e. any country not listed here specifically)

Our only criteria is that the player must have played 80 games for the Maple Leafs.

With Brian Leetch disqualified by that criteria, the USA seems to have a lock in Phil Kessel. Czech Republic seems in little doubt with Tomas Kaberle. Picking the Canadian is pretty much a question of “who is the best all-time Maple Leaf outside of Mats Sundin,” so have fun with that one.

Let’s hear your answers.

Also, here is a link to a list of Leafs which you can organize by Nationality.

1Mats Sundin*19952008TORNHLC/RW981420567987
2Darryl Sittler*19711982TORNHLC844389527916
3Dave Keon*19611975TORNHLC1062365493858
4Ron Ellis19641981TORNHLRW1034332308640
5Rick Vaive19801987TORNHLRW534299238537
6George Armstrong*19501971TORNHLRW/C1187296417713
7Frank Mahovlich*19571968TORNHLLW/C720296301597
8Wendel Clark19862000TORNHLLW608260181441
9Bob Pulford*19571970TORNHLLW/C947251312563
10Ted Kennedy*19431957TORNHLC696231329560
11Lanny McDonald*19741980TORNHLRW477219240459
12Syl Apps*19371948TORNHLC423201231432
13Charlie Conacher*19301938TORNHLRW326200124324
14John Anderson19781985TORNHLRW/LW534189204393
15Busher Jackson*19301939TORNHLLW432186165351
16Sid Smith19471958TORNHLLW601186183369
17Ron Stewart19531965TORNHLRW/C838186182368
18Gary Leeman19841992TORNHLD/LW/RW545176231407
19Dick Duff*19551964TORNHLLW582174168342
20Babe Dye*19201931TOTNHLRW17717342215
21Norm Ullman*19681975TORNHLC535166305471
22Harry Watson*19471955TORNHLLW500163122285
23Paul Henderson19681974TORNHLLW408162156318
24Tod Sloan19481958TORNHLRW/C549162184346
25Bill Derlago19801986TORNHLC378158176334
26Borje Salming*19741989TORNHLD1099148620768
27Darcy Tucker20002008TORNHLLW/RW/C531148171319
28Doug Gilmour*19922003TORNHLC393131321452
29Nick Metz19351948TORNHLC/LW518131119250
30Gordie Drillon*19371942TORNHLRW262127117244
31Sergei Berezin19972001TORNHLLW/RW35712694220
32Errol Thompson19711978TORNHLLW365126119245
33Nik Antropov20002009TORNHLC/RW509125166291
34Reg Noble*19181925TOTNHLLW16012559184
35Max Bentley*19481953TORNHLC354122134256
36Dave Andreychuk19931996TORNHLLW/RW22312099219
37Red Kelly*19601967TORNHLC470119232351
38Phil Kessel20102013TORNHLC/RW282119134253
39Vincent Damphousse19871991TORNHLC/LW394118211329
40Tom Fergus19861992TORNHLC357118179297
41Steve Thomas19852001TORNHLLW/RW377118173291
42Ed Olczyk19881991TORNHLRW/C257116151267
43Miroslav Frycer19821988TORNHLRW329115153268
44Alexei Ponikarovsky20012010TORNHLRW/LW477114143257
45Ian Turnbull19741982TORNHLD580112302414
46Ace Bailey*19271934TORNHLRW31311182193
47Tim Horton*19501970TORNHLD1185109349458
48Sweeney Schriner*19401946TORNHLLW24410983192
49Tiger Williams19751980TORNHLLW407109132241
50Billy Harris19561965TORNHLC610106181287
51Daniel Marois19891992TORNHLRW28510680186
52Lorne Carr19421946TORNHLRW236105121226
53Peter Ihnacak19831990TORNHLC417102165267
54Eddie Shack19611975TORNHLLW/RW5049996195
55Corb Denneny19181927TOTNHLLW/C1359841139
56Bob Davidson19351946TORNHLLW/C49194160254
57Mark Osborne19871994TORNHLRW/LW42694160254
58Mikhail Grabovski20092013TORNHLC34091117208
59Russ Courtnall19841989TORNHLC/RW30990128218
60Dan Daoust19831990TORNHLC51887166253
61Matt Stajan20032010TORNHLC44587136223
62Hap Day*19251937TOTNHLLW53886113199
63Inge Hammarstrom19741978TORNHLLW2928582167
64Tie Domi19902006TORNHLRW77784112196
65Mike Walton19661971TORNHLC/RW25784107191
66Tomas Kaberle19992011TORNHLD87883437520
67Terry Martin19801984TORNHLLW3178376159
68Bryan McCabe20012008TORNHLD52383214297
69Howie Meeker19471954TORNHLRW34683102185
70Gary Roberts20012004TORNHLLW2378374157
71Al Iafrate19851991TORNHLD47281169250
72Jim McKenny19661978TORNHLD59481246327
73Gaye Stewart19431948TORNHLLW1658152133
74Jack Adams*19181926TOTNHLC1337831109
75Jonas Hoglund20002003TORNHLLW32578106184
76Wilf Paiement19801982TORNHLRW18778125203
77Joe Klukay19471956TORNHLLW/RW4167694170
78Nikolai Kulemin20092013TORNHLLW35175100175
79Andy Blair19291936TORNHLC3587483157
80Harry Cameron*19181923TOTNHLD1057145116
81Baldy Cotton19291935TORNHLLW2856888156
82Bill Thoms19331939TORNHLC/D2796892160
83Joe Primeau*19281936TORNHLC31066177243
84Billy Taylor19401946TORNHLC22266118184
85Greg Terrion19831988TORNHLLW42766103169
86Dan Maloney19781982TORNHLLW2706584149
87Alexander Mogilny20022004TORNHLRW17665101166
88Glenn Anderson*19921994TORNHLRW2216394157
89Buzz Boll19341939TORNHLLW2136139100
90Igor Korolev19982001TORNHLRW29760101161
91Pat Boutette19761980TORNHLRW/LW3495982141
92Todd Gill19851996TORNHLD63959210269
93Rick Kehoe19721974TORNHLRW1845972131
94Rudy Migay19501960TORNHLC4185992151
95Walt Poddubny19821986TORNHLC/LW1865986145
96Cal Gardner19491952TORNHLC2205895153
97George Ferguson19731978TORNHLRW/C35957110167
98Bill Ezinicki19451950TORNHLRW2715679135
99Bert Olmstead*19591962TORNHLLW24656109165
100Rocky Saganiuk19791983TORNHLRW2305662118
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  • JeffNB

    1. Gary Valk
     2. Gary Valk
     3. Gary Valk
     4. Gary Valk
     5. Gary Valk
     6. Gary Valk
     7. Gary Valk
     8. Gary Valk

    • NotInsane


  • Mattmark

    Sundin was good, but Salming was extraordinary.  The finest wingers of the day couldn’t get by him on the boards, and he was dynamite on the attack.  Plus he was courageous and durable, a real warrior.
    As for the Canadians, how do you pick between Keon, Horton, Bower, Sittler and Gilmour?  They were all terrific.

  • LeafsForLife

    For Canadians i would have to say Gilmour first and then its a toss up between Keon, Sittler, Clark, Roberts, maybe Turnball and possibly Cujo.
    For the Swedes, I would have to go with Salming. Was always one of my favorites growing up for good reason. 
    I will go with Kessel for the USA. Of course.

    Not really sure about other countrys. I will look them up later i think.

  • Mattmark

    I’ve written on this subject before, but Granberg’s comments the other day about having to adjust to ‘small rink’ hockey put it back in mind.  When, oh when, will we settle on a standard rink size, so that Europeans aren’t paying to watch moving dots and North Americans aren’t subjected to a version of roller derby–two strides followed by endless scrums along the boards?  There’s got to be a happy medium.  Can you imagine, in soccer, Germany and Brazil meeting for the World Cup after learning and playing the game on fields of different dimensions?  The continuing inability to get together on this very basic issue is the most bush-league aspect of hockey.

    • Xxxxxnew

      I remember saying the exact same thing about a decade ago or before. My argument then was teams should have taken advantage of all the new rinks they were building to enlarge the ice, even if it was just half way to Olympic size. If you look at the old black and white highlights of Leaf games it looks like players are playing on Lake Ontario in the old MLG. That’s because players were so much smaller they called 6’2′, 200 pound Elmer Vasko “moose.
      Some games it looks like they’re playing in a closet these days.

    • ingy56

      Mattmark Zero foresight by the League in not anticipating this problem before all the new rinks were built. Now, no way in hell are they taking out 4-5 rows of the top seats in order to make the rink bigger.

      • Xxxxxnew

        I was talking to an arena guy once who thought just two rows would do it, and he said additions would be possible higher up in most buildings. He also pointed out that since the new first row of seats would be larger in circumference there would actually be more seats in the first row, which you could charge a premium for.

  • DeclanK


    • ErikGruber

      DeclanK The stats tables aren’t fitting on the page

      • DeclanK

        ErikGruber DeclanK Refresh

        • ErikGruber

          DeclanK ErikGruber That did the trick

    • Kouba

      DeclanKHow about you can sort by nationality too I guess

  • ErikGruber

    Someone is trolling Grabovski lol

  • Kouba

    4. Czech Republic – Me (NHL 99) I scored over 200 pts as a D that season and we actually won several cups that year alone!

  • DeclanK

    1. Dave Keon
    2. Phil Kessel
    3. Alex Mogilny
    4. Tomas Kaberle
    5. Marian Stastny
    6. Mats Sundin
    7. Nik Hagman (eek)
    8. Owen Nolan (Ireland)

    • Alec Brownscombe

      -Keon- 86 if you include playoffs, which we will.

      • DeclanK

        -Keon- I’m Irish. It’s a ridiculous choice that I stand by.

  • Armchair GM

    Anybody watching the ’75 Leafs taking on the Flyers in ESPNc?

  • daveybolland

    Too bad they have to have played some games and not just have been leaf property.
    Would’ve given number 8 to Olaf Kolzig out of Germany. Briefly Leaf property and I believe the team was forced to give up a draft pick because of the trade.