YouTube Transcript.
0:03it’s amazing isn’t it
0:07that’s what pro sports there I was something that happens it makes you
0:12shake your head
0:13I’m by far was our best effort
0:16the last couple months but
0:19no reward Fort and we have to use it as a starting point
0:23but one thing about tonight was that with Aston
0:26we’ve been pleading forward demanding tick collar whatever’s is that
0:31from the defensive side of it we had to work as hard as we have been
0:36on the backcheck versus the four check and
0:40that was very evident tonight there in the room
0:44solve them no other down because we had so many
0:47opportunity so many offenses chances and that’s what happens is you get
0:51frustrated in
0:52and sports it seems like the the mountain seems to get a little bigger
0:57versace’s where it should be getting smaller and
1:01get no complaints with the work ethic for group
1:04we executed from a defensive standpoint we
1:08you know when but gore good break up passes and we attacked
1:12before checked we didn’t samples at
1:16called harder because
1:20the playing the way need to play with them get the war
1:23it’s harder mentally but if we continue to
1:26apply that table work ethic will win our share games:
1:30if we have that type a dog at work ethic if we gonna
1:34effectively with the park covers on with
1:38the way we did tonight back check is hard can create as many of us have
1:43then we’ll win our share games: but
1:46its again it’s is like push that snowball seems
1:50every time you lose it gets bigger concert with the Rangers
1:53a little that decision that decision
1:57with three guys at that and then or
2:0111 11 hockey with 10 minutes left it’s not by spent
2:06but has earned them steaks that happen in the game
2:09you know either as I said it’s its mistakes like that
2:13and the cost you but to the effort was there and win
2:16we have to correct those mistakes is that closer to all you want
2:21team but definitely are
2:24as I stated before you got here the work ethic on the backcheck
2:27in the defensive side over was the best we’ve had in months
2:32him Park movement
2:36years old guys were not
2:39use him pop
2:42yellow well again
2:46the we’ve been pleading begging picking coddling
2:50whatever you want to do that to try to get a starting point and
2:54because it you know it’s been frustrating for everybody
2:57and players and coaching staff as well
3:01we think that there’s more from this group that we can
3:05we can continue to build on it and we need to
3:08feel good about ourselves but it’s not good
3:12when you lose don’t feel good when you lose some Plaza with will be the
3:16I’ll two dudes up
3:19well it was a little bit of a risk but the you can obviously see that they’re
3:24they have skill set and skating ability that the
3:27they can and they will be NHL players
3:30regular players but we’re asking a lot of two young guys specifically the pair
3:35them together but
3:35we just felt that that was the best grouping them we shot Morgan rallies
3:39were tired and
3:40as deserve you know an opportunity in
3:44you make decisions eg again for the next one toward
3:47results but as US
3:51lawyers in Chicago this perk up skins is your doesn’t
3:58on be home keep song
4:01hey are you build on the positive did you try to accentuate are the things we
4:05did well and
4:06correct the mistakes that we made your looking at what happened last night in
4:11plays a role in your diabetes composes
4:14were for I think it I think again desperation has to take place and that
4:20it takes place a different levels you know we’re the benefactor to
4:24about catching it even a second I have a back to back we can ignore that that’s a
4:27fact you know
4:29so we should be fresher we should be you know
4:32we should be jumping on our toes we should be aggressive in
4:35in love in the areas where you can tell they’re a veteran team
4:39that methodically the way they will the park in the way they play their big
4:42strong hockey club that has played well and played together for a long time
4:47you touch up look come back
4:50today difference makes the lineup a
4:53no I didn’t it in with loops its it’s always a
4:57with guarded optimism because if he’s
5:01been able to come back and get hurt come back get her so we’re
5:05you know we’re going with crossed fingers at you can maintain it obviously
5:08gives us another dimension
5:10he had a review 3-4 scored test scores gorgeous
5:14so the searching for
5:18loss much closer to the what we need
5:21and as I stated earlier that the the
5:25work on the of it subsided and we explain to our team I think we’re third
5:29in there in their Eastern Conference in office
5:34were third so we can provide enough of us to have success
5:38it’s the defensive side that are our work ethic and our commitment
5:42has been there right