GDT: Maple Leafs at Capitals (7 p.m., Leafs TV)

Toronto's Phil Kessel tries to put the puck past Washington's goaltender, Michal Neuvirth, during 2nd period NHL action as the Toronto Maple Leafs host the Washington Capitals on January 31, 2013. CARLOS OSORIO/TORONTO STAR

Jonathan Bernier starts for the Leafs, Michael Neuvirth for the Capitals.

TML Lines

Gunnarsson – Phaneuf
Gleason – Franson
Gardiner – Rielly


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  • mike_84

    Short but sweet article. To the point i like it

  • ingy56

  • theacs1966

    Holland scores, 2 nothing Leafs…….I mean Marlies, why is he on the Marlies again?  I thought he was supposed to replace Kadri on the 2nd line.

  • wendelsfist

    theacs1966 who scored the other goal?

  • theacs1966

    wendelsfist theacs1966 Yeo from Broll

  • newkb

    wendelsfist theacs1966 Hanta Yeo.

  • newkb

    Shift_Disturber1 TheCanucksnaphook Mix booze and cold meds.  newkb grabs popcorn and watches.

  • loomx

    About that Steve Spott tweet in the last thread, what nonsense. The Marlies are full of grinders. Pretty much everybody on that team is good along the boards and can only play a dump and chase because that’s what they’re good at.

  • Black_Hawk

    Paul Maurice was on OTR today and said that RC was a great coach and better then anything the leafs could replace him with

  • theacs1966

    newkb wendelsfist theacs1966 Broll should be called up, he’s big and has some hands, Abbott should be called up because he’s an assist machine.  Could not hurt.