Wednesday Mashup: Wake me up when it’s hockey season


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  • Habskilla


  • dlb Mad

    you cheated

  • Burtonboy


  • Burtonboy
    I work with corsi; I believe in it. BUT, it’s a team stat; using it to rate individual players just isn’t accurate enough

  • BoneChompski

    Burtonboy Isn’t Relative Corsi the individual stat?  Possession of a player as compared to the rest of the team?  It would seem like all stats to provide some insight but not the complete story.

  • Burtonboy

    BoneChompski Burtonboy I’m doing a lot of reading trying to get a better understanding . What I am finding out so far there is still a lot of differing opinions on stats like corsi

  • loomx

    Burtonboy It depends. If you’re trying to compare players from different teams, then yeah you need a lot more context and variables. The individual stat is good to see who’s a weak link on your team and/or who’s not in a fit in the role he’s currently in.

  • BoneChompski

    Burtonboy Excluding shoot-out statistics all stats are team stats as they are the result of 6 (or less) players on ice.  Goals, assists, save %, all them are the result of 6 players working together.

  • Burtonboy

    loomx Burtonboy I’m not sure you even have enough solid info doing this stuff manually which is what they are doing right now. Even simple SOG are all over the map from building to building.

  • Burtonboy
    For 1/2 the cost of a 4th liner, a team could produce a database with individual puck-possession data for every NHL player from every game