Friday Mashup: Second Assistant GM Hire to Come Next Week

Brendan Shanahan Leafs
Photo: Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

Brendan Shanahan told reporters yesterday that the Leafs‘ next front office hire  (perhaps a cap guy to fill Claude Loiselle’s position?) will be announced sometime next week.

In other Leafs news, pictured below is what the new Legends Row monument outside the ACC will look like once completed, courtesy of James Mirtle. Teeder Kennedy was the first name unveiled for the monument yesterday.


courtesy @mirtle
courtesy @mirtle

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  • MaxwellHowe

    The 50 Mission cap piece is brilliant.  Two great lines:
    “Probably a favourite to win the Stanley Cup (Blackhawks), which inevitably means Andrew Shaw will be a Toronto Maple Leaf by this time next season.”
    “Danny Briere. Why pay a 36-year old $4M to put up awful (and rapidly declining) third line numbers when you could just pester Old Man Hejduk to unretire for half the price? Worst of all, the Avs actually traded a living, breathing NHL hockey player to acquire Briere. This is a guy that was too pricey for the Flyers! That’s like being the dumbest Kardashian, or the drunkest Ford brother.”

  • MLHS_Luke

    MaxwellHowe What article is this?

  • Yaknowwhat

    Good Morning Gents and Gent-ettes….3 more hours at the desk and then I am outta here!! Golf weekend here I come!!!

  • MaxwellHowe

    linked above – 50 Mission Cap

  • Mind Bomb

    Good morning Folks

  • Mind Bomb

    Yaknowwhat U Suck :)

  • Yaknowwhat

    So I wonder what Shanny and Dion are going to talk about?

  • MaxwellHowe

    The list of teams Dion will present in March when the Leafs are tanking?

  • MaxwellHowe

    Their D corps is awful – so awful, i think Dallas is a perfect destination for Cody.  Yeah, the Stars D is that bad.

  • B_Leaf


    Actually Spezza is way over rated.