The arbitration date is set for this Friday, July 31st.

For a thorough breakdown of his club-elected arbitration case, check out resident sports lawyer Elliot Saccucci’s analysis that was lost in the Lamoriello news shuffle. Note that he near-nailed Holtby’s salary AAV, even if it was settled before the arbiter’s hearing.

Leafs add nutritionist to Sports Science Department

More on Jennifer Stygo from her website below. Impressive resume, as you might expect.

After completing an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at McMaster University, Jennifer went on to obtain a Masters of Science in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Guelph.  Jennifer has served as a dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Canada since 2006, where she has helped over 2000 executives and busy professionals make simple dietary changes to have a large impact on their performance, disease risk, and quality of life.   

In addition to her work with executives, Jennifer is a leading sport nutritionist, and works with athletes ranging from the recreational level to Olympic medalists, as well as athletes in the NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, and professional tennis.  She currently serves as the team dietitian for Athletics Canada’s sprint and relay team in Toronto, and also provides services to Gymnastics Canada and Triathlon Canada.  

Monday Links:

  • Anthony Petrielli: The Dawn of the Lou Lamoriello Era: On Accountability, Defensive Hockey, and the Toronto Maple Leafs Rebuild (MLHS)
    The question of how the Maple Leafs‘ arranged marriage front office will work and live together over the long haul, particularly when things get difficult, will hang over them until it is definitively proven one way or the other.
  • Quinn MacKeen: In The Land Of The Leafs, The One-Eyed Reporter Is King (MLHS)
    The idea is that this binocular method – just as with human vision and depth perception – will then help us see more of the prospects’ potential that is otherwise hidden or blurred. Who knows? If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get to see one of those big talent, late round “home run” kids step out of the shadows.
  • Staff: Conte has considered reunion with Lamoriello: report (
    “I’d be lying if I said it didn’t cross my mind,” Conte told the Toronto Sun in remarks published Saturday. “… I’m interested in working. I still have to take stock (of my life). I’m not used to having time off. I’ve done this a long time.”
  • Caitlin Campbell: T.J. Brennan the Odd Man out on Maple Leafs’ Blue Line (Today’s Slapshot)
    With the depth acquisitions of Hunwick, Marincin and Harrington, the Leafs have already improved their defensive depth. They’ve acquired talented guys who have strong games and perhaps more upside than that of Brennan.
  • Steve Simmons: Gorton was Leafs’ 1st choice for GM (RotoNews)
    We knew the Leafs had tried to talk to Gorton during their process. Rangers president Glen Sather never allowed Gorton, now the team’s GM, to even speak to other teams while he was the assistant, however. We think the Maple Leafs got a pretty good consolation prize if that’s the case. Lou Lamoriello is certainly no slouch.
  • Ryan Dadoun: DeBoer gave glowing review of Lamoriello to Babcock (PHT)
    “Not once did he ever tell me what style we should be playing,” DeBoer told the Toronto Sun. “Not once did he ever tell me what line combinations we should be using. Not once did he ever tell me who I should be playing in what situations. I had heard a lot of the things you are talking about when I first interviewed for the job, but I found Lou to be nothing like that.”