The Maple Leafs went into an early lead against Dallas, and while that was short-lived, a couple of goals from Joffrey Lupul in the second period stood up and Toronto snapped its losing streak.

This was coupled with some power-play success, which has been sorely lacking so far this year.

While the Leafs ended up heavily out-shot, and lost the possession battle as well, a lot of that happened over the course of the second half of the game when Toronto was defending the lead. The Leafs were ahead in chances through two periods, and only the late Dallas push leveled the overall total for the game. The Stars were dominant in controlling the neutral zone, particularly in the third period, when the Leafs had very few controlled entries, lowering their overall numbers.


The Leafs were powered by a strong second period, and had several good chances even after moving ahead by two goals. Dallas were better in the third, but the Leafs were solid in the final ten minutes, allowing only a few chances in that time, as the Stars tried to stay alive.

118:0500DalNichushkin deflects Demers shot wideES15233442465241320314347
116:5200TorWinnik deflects LupulES21619263444101415243191
115:3000TorKadri deflects Phaneuf shotES3213443475141231478390
115:0400DalNichushkin wide from reboundES3152134425131320313343
115:0000DalNichushkin wraparoundES3152134425131320313343
114:3700TorFroese from GrabnerES28344046525632122313338
111:3600TorGOAL! Boyes from reboundES22834404456152122243138
111:1610DalSceviour from loose puckES15233442465242122313847
111:1110DalSceviour from reboundES15233442465242122313847
110:3810DalGOAL! Benn from SeguinES2161926344431014313391
108:2611DalSharp drivesES2192634445641014314791
105:1111TorRielly from BozakES2152334424431431338391
105:0011TorParenteau from loose puckES152334424652131520243143
102:2211TorBozak from reboundPP31526344247420313847
219:3911TorGOAL! Lupul from loose puckES2161926344441014314791
213:3621DalBenn from reboundES2161934445631014313391
212:1321DalNemeth from EakinES32123344351131520243143
211:5521TorKadri drivesES213443464752131520243143
207:3321DalFaksa drives widePP31519213442412213147
207:1521TorGOAL! Lupul from KadriPP1921283443511415223133
206:3831TorSpaling wide from loose puckES2161926344431014313391
206:2831DalBenn drives wideES21619263444143133478391
205:3831TorKadri from KomarovES3213443475141231478390
204:5931TorParenteau wraparoundES15233442465241231478390
204:5231TorBozak wide from reboundES15233442465241231478390
203:0531DalSeguin from SharpES2161926344431014313391
201:4231TorVan Riemsdyk drivesES3213443475131014313391
201:2331TorRielly wide from KadriES2161921344431014313391
316:4631DalSharp from BennES2162634445631014313391
316:4331DalSeguin from faceoffES231626345631014313391
314:4231TorParenteau wide from MatthiasES152334424652132024314347
313:5531DalNichushkin drivesES32328345156131520243143
313:5431DalJanmark from reboundES32328345156131520243143
313:5331DalNichushkin penalty shot wideES32328345156131520243143
311:2431TorLupul from loose puckPP31921283443421313847
310:4631DalEakin from BennPP1521263442511420243133
310:3931DalEakin wide from reboundPP1521263442511420243133
310:1331TorPhaneuf from RiellyPP31534424447412223147
308:0731TorLupul deflects Kadri shotPP219213443441415202431
306:3931TorKadri drives wideES3213443475131431338390
305:5831DalFaksa deflects Hemsky shot wideES3213443515641231478390
305:3431DalOduya drivesES3213443515641231478390
302:0031DalSeguin from faceoffEN2162634424431013143391
300:1331TorGOAL! Rielly from LupulPP31934424447410202431

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk6554.5%13:5140.0%51.0%24.0%29.2%

Yet again, it was a solid game for the top line, with Leo Komarov the best of the forwards in terms of chances; Komarov was not on for a single Stars ES chance. Kadri and Van Riemsdyk had a tougher time on their few ES shifts without him, with a couple of those featuring a flurry of Star chances.

Michael Grabner, who played only a few ES minutes, also had a strong defensive record, not on for a chance against. The line that struggled the most in the neutral zone was Winnik with Lupul and Spaling, and they were also quite poor in terms of possession numbers.

Morgan Rielly and Matt Hunwick managed to finish even in chances, but were poor at preventing controlled entries, used mostly against the Jamie Benn/Seguin line. They were able to break even in chances, which was somewhat of a success.

Jake Gardiner and Dion Phaneuf went against the Spezza line mostly, and had the worst chance ratio of the defence, partially due to getting some tough minutes in the final period.