Mike Babcock addressed the media after his team’s 5-0 victory over the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday night.

On the team’s performance:

I thought we worked. We had most of our guys going. I thought that was really positive. We put our work in front of our skill, and we’ve got a chance to have success.

On Michael Hutchinson’s shutout in his second start as a Leaf:

I thought he was good. I didn’t think they had a ton, but he didn’t make any of their chances into two or three chances. He just played solid and was steady. I think they had three power plays, if I am not mistaken. He obviously had some action at that time and did a good job.

On Trevor Moore scoring his first NHL goal and whether he’s an “NHLer”:

He is going to be an NHLer for sure. It’s just how soon do you want him to play eight minutes? You know what I mean? That’s the beauty of not getting kids here too soon. You want them to score. The more he scores, the more likely he is going to score at the NHL level. I mean, he’s an NHL player, but how many years do you want to do that? That is the big thing for us. Obviously, when we get healthy, he can go down and he can score a lot and become a scorer rather than a checker.

On the team digging in to preserve the shutout for Michael Hutchinson in net:

I think they were pushing to get a win for themselves, right? I think that’s how they started. And then, obviously, when it looked like it was going pretty good, you obviously want to help Hutch out. He has come in here and helped us out here and given us an opportunity. It sounds like we are going to have lots of goalies tomorrow on the ice for practice, so that’s a good thing.

On Frederik Andersen and Garret Sparks coming out to congratulate Hutchinson on his shutout:

That’s what they should be doing, right? That’s what good teammates do.