“Nope, they had their chance. They blew it. They could’ve got me.”

Bruce Boudreau isn’t lifting his dad’s Leafs curse, but on the latest MLHS Podcast, he did discuss all of what ails the team’s power play of late, their uncertain situation in goal at the moment, who he would start in Game 1 of the playoffs, Frederik Andersen’s situation, dealing with NHL officials, managing respected veterans in the twilight of their careers, and much more.

Episode Overview

  • All of what is ailing the Leafs‘ power play and ideas for fixing it (0:50)
  • Loaded vs. split-unit power plays and the politics of doling out PP ice time (13:25)
  • The Leafs‘ 0-3-2 skid and the challenges of unsure goaltending (18:00)
  • His trust level in Frederik Andersen & the challenges Freddy has faced this year (20:10)
  • Managing revered veterans in their career twilights and the difficulty of scratching a player like Joe Thornton (includes a great Teemu Selanne story) (23:15)
  • The challenge of making systems changes in the middle of the season (30:40)
  • How his Minnesota teams limited high-danger chances against so effectively (35:50)
  • The toughest coaches he coached against in the league (42:50)
  • The biggest changes we’ve seen in the game in the modern NHL (44:40)
  • The controversy with NHL officiating this season and handling refs as a coach (47:10)
  • If the playoffs started tomorrow, who would he start in the Leafs‘ net? (50:55)
  • Creating offense from below the goal line in the offensive zone (51:40)
  • Whether his dad will lift his curse on the Leafs any time soon (54:20)