(Monday Mashup) Keeping an Eye on Colorado

(Monday Mashup) Keeping an Eye on Colorado


The Colorado Avalanche filed for club-elected arbitration ahead of yesterday’s 5 p.m. deadline rather than qualifying 23-year-old RFA center Ryan O’Reilly at a $6.5 million price tag.

O’Reilly is not going to want to take a pay cut from his $6.5 million salary last season during this negotiation (which is still ongoing, arb-file aside). O’Reilly and his agent are able to play a pretty hard line here, as even an unfavorable arbitration ruling gives him the option of bridging himself into UFA in two year’s time.

There is a period between July 1 and July 5 wherein O’Reilly is open to another offer sheet if a contract isn’t settled.

Meanwhile, Paul Stastny remains unsigned 15 days before UFA opens.

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