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Day Two of on-ice participation is now in the books .. the sessions all had a purpose, as camp not only winds down, but clear decisions need to be made on who will remain with the main roster and who will be going to the Marlies or back to their original junior team.

A breakdown of the drills and more observations from the intra squad game after the jump.

Sunday Training Camp Day 2 practice

Teams A and B practiced with Team A on the main ice. (Breakdown of teams is here.

The drills weren’t very different from the previous days, they all focused on a real-game situation and the coaching staff made variations along the way.

A quick note:

I’ll be attending the on-ice portions of training camp on the weekend. I’ll do a blog about the day that will be a little different from the traditional coverage. If you want to know what Grabovski said, or how Kaberle felt … well, there’s other outlets for that. Here, I’m hoping to provide a different outlook of the camp that doesn’t get touched upon by traditional coverage.

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Alex and I will once again continue the Young Guns prospect draft. We are drafting:

6 9 forwards, 4 defensemen, 1 goaltender
Total of 22 young players with a birthday year no later than 1986 (24 yrs old max)
Contract status and/or cap hit will not be taken into account

The draft will take place live in the comments section for all readers to follow, so be sure to come out and provide your two cents as it happens. More details after the jump.

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Join us in the comments as Alex Tran and I go head-to-head carving up the Leafs youth.

(Note**) – for the record I will be making the picks for each of us as Alex is boozing busting loose at some bar. I asked him if he was drunk, he said no, but his picks will tell show us the truth.

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Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager, Brian Burke should have uttered one phrase to explain the situation, one simple little phrase to envelope the reasoning for the Phil Kessel trade;

“Our picks in our vision of where we ended up are overvalued in accordance to the available crop of prospects.”

But in Toronto, to admit that in what’s deemed as a ‘rebuild’ would have been a PR disaster.

Despite popular opinion, he wasn’t wrong.

The world is no longer flat, it’s round .. like a full-cirle

McKeen's Hockey Annual Yearbook

It’s been quite the time span since my last post here. But as many of you know, I’ve been working on the McKeen’s Hockey Annual Yearbook. That is in addition to the work on the player profiles for the Maple Leafs Annual.

So to kick things off, and to change the subject from Tomas Kaberle, here are my player predictions for the Maple Leafs this season after the jump.
(NOTE*** Predictions appearing the McKeen’s Annual Yearbook are decided as a collective from many different sources. These values will unlikely appear as they indicated below in the publication.)

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    This week’s prospect was referred to as an integral part of the deal that brought in Dion Phaneuf and Fredrik Sjostrom, while jettisoning Matt Stajan, Niklas Hagman, Ian White and Jamal Mayers to the Calgary Flames.

    The former gold medal winning defensman with the 2009 World Junior Championships squad injured his shoulder shortly after the deal.

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    Golf Time
    I absolutely love playing golf. There are days – many, many days – all I want to do is golf.

    Might be some Leaf fans that share my love. Some fans are forced into golf due to the lack of playoffs.

    Ahh, the playoffs .. but a memory. What better way to understand or reacquaint with the postseason than by using an example too many Leafs fans know.


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      Next up on the Tuesday Prospect Report is the player some are familiar with, mostly from playing with Dale Mitchell, and some dude named Taylor Hall of the Windsor Spitfires. You’ll be able to catch the Spits taking on the Kitchener Rangers in the third round of the OHL playoffs.

      Kenny Ryan was the Leafs 50th overall selection in Round 2 of the 2009 NHL entry draft. The six-foot, 209-pound winger is likely headed back to Windsor next season. But here’s your first focused glimpse into his game.

      Once again, make sure you all check out the talented Bloge Salming .. and in particular, this viral marketing attempts video

      katshockey [at]

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      We will do an extended Torontosaurus Rex after preparing for the playoffs is over, later on in the week. But since the regular season is over, it’s time for some numbers. It’s also interesting to note how the two teams Flyers and Rangers with the lowest amount of shootout games with six, decided their playoff fates with a shootout.

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        We determined the listing of the prospect reports to produce every week. Seems with each new video, the prospect shines.

        This week is no exception, with Viktor Stalberg already capturing Torontosaurus Rex honours. In fact, there’s a lot of love going round for the Swede lately.

        It’s special this week because most have seen him already in blue and white. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this next Stalberg Prospect Report should be worth about 100,000 .. here you are folks, from the talented Bloge Salming.

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          This week’s Tuesday Prospect Report is on a 6th round steal that excelled with ECAC Rookie of the Year honours. Making this week’s video even more challenging was the rarity of College video. But when it comes to impossible, Bloge Salming does an amazing job coming through. Kind of like this week’s Prospect, Jerry D’Amigo.

          Make sure to check out the list of videos from Bloge Salming especially this brilliant work of art.

          As always, please feel free to leave commentary to make these presentations better for our viewers/readers at MLHS and Bloge Salming.

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            The most common complaint I hear from fans, media and even some hockey people revolves around the point system and the three point game.

            Having done extensive point system analysis, alerted of a record shootout pace and declining overtimes, coupled with a scoring dip to the lowest goals-per-game average since prior to the lockout, a conclusion seems to come simple enough.

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              It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means .. it’s Tuesday Prospect Report brought to you by the talented Bloge Salming.

              This week’s feature is on a player most already have some sort of inkling about, Carl Gunnarsson.

              Take a moment to let us know how you are enjoying these reports. Leave a comment here, or on the Bloge Salming site (and make sure you check out the array of various videos.)

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