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Not too long ago they were toiling dangerously close to the playoff cut off line, unable to score more than a goal a game, but we all knew Los Angeles was too good of a team with too much winning experience not to turn it on down the stretch when the urgency level rises. That’s exactly what the Kings have done, scoring 25 goals over 8 games and posting an 8-0 record since February 8.


Listen out for MLHS’ Anthony Petrielli asking the panel a question (at the 56:30 mark) about intangibles, which Reid Mitchell and Alex Rucker (Raptors’ Seniors Analytics Consultant) respond to.

Anthony will have some follow-up thoughts on today’s Conference in tomorrow’s Notebook. For full video of the other panel talks at today’s Sports Industry Conference, click here.


Game Summary

Dashed line indicates non-even strength play.

Dashed line indicates non-even strength play.

Fenwick chart for 2014-03-11 Maple Leafs 2 at Sharks 6


The San Jose Sharks are easily the most impressive organization since the early early millennium to have never won the Cup. While the Red Wings are popularly described as the paragon of consistency as a winning team that feeds the machine with acute draft day bargain hunting, San Jose has been a winning team that’s been better at the draft without the Cup to show for it. In fact, since 2003 no team has produced more games played out of its draftees than the Sharks, and they’ve been a good to great team the entire time.


Randy Carlyle – 03/07/2014
Randy Carlyle speaks with the media following Friday’s practice.
3/07/2014 5:48 Mins


The Columbus Blue Jackets have outscored the Leafs 11-2 over two games this season. Bad starts have been a killer, with the Leafs outshot 23-9 between the two first periods of those losses. Avoiding their season-long trend as one of the worst first period teams in the League (-15 goal differential) seems pivotal against a team that has had no problem scoring against the Leafs or in general this season (7th in goals per game).


The Olympics have come and gone with Team Canada bringing home the gold medal in ice hockey, successfully defending their Olympic title. But despite dominating international hockey, the men’s team is not positioned at the top of the IIHF rankings. Instead, Canada is third behind Sweden and Finland. Why?