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The Leafs are truly a hilarious team to follow right now. A couple weeks ago it was frustrating to watch them drop some games, but now things have gone to such an extreme that I’m not upset in the least.

The next four games are against Montreal, Boston, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia – a possible eight points. I’d be absolutely floored if the Leafs can come away with three. Managing to push one to overtime would be a minor miracle in itself it seems. The Leafs playoff chances have now plummeted to 11.1%. I think everyone should enjoy a good chuckle at the Leafs‘ expense this season, considering the Lightning and Sabres (both one point back of Toronto, with a game in hand) have been ridiculed so often. It’s our turn to field some insults.

I’m still expecting things to turn around for this club at some point in March. To what extent remains unseen. It’s likely that the Leafs let themselves go to ten points out then rip off a few at the end of the season to land in 9th, giving everyone one last laugh before the playoffs start. Perfect.

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