Weekend at Bernier’s


Everything is indeed happening. Dave Nonis has made a statement that he’s going to be transforming this team into his own this off season. Early signs are concerning. A few notes after the jump:

– The Leafs might have to move quick to sign Jonathan Bernier. As an RFA he will soon be exposed to an offer sheet and we know the crazy ass Philadelphia Flyers are interested. Let’s hope this doesn’t mean we are forced to overpay Bernier in haste. You have to add this into the equation of the deal, alongside Ben Scrivens, Matt Frattin and the 2nd round draft pick – the Leafs are going to be paying more for goaltending next season under a lower cap. If you thought Frattin, Scrivens and 2nds were a waste of assets we could’ve used to address other actual problem areas, you have to factor in the cap space the Leafs just lost on the goaltending position.

– In addition to whatever Bernier signs for, add another 500k to the cap price of goaltending next season: The Leafs reportedly took on 500k in cash in this deal, which applies to the cap. It seems the Leafs took on some of both Scrivens and Frattin’s salaries.

– Definitely a factor in the acquisition: As has been mentioned, Reimer’s biggest workload as an NHL goalie is 37 games. Clearly Nonis was concerned that Reimer couldn’t stay healthy even for the full shortened season. Can’t say I think the price is worth it for what adds up to an inexperienced goalie who is a slight upgrade on Scrivens, to my eyes, but that’s got to be the thinking here.

– The second round pick in the deal is in 2014 or 2015. As of today, the Leafs still have all their picks plus a fourth rounder from the Anaheim Ducks in Sunday’s draft.

– Dave Nonis will address the media at 5 p.m.

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