The NHL, a day late and a dollar short as always, released the schedule for the 2013-14 NHL regular season this afternoon.  In an unsurprising move, the Toronto Maple Leafs will open their season on the road on October 1st against the Montreal Canadiens.

Full schedule:

Quick notes:

–          The Leafs have joined the Atlantic division, with other notable seaports Ottawa, Detroit and Montreal.  I still would have preferred going with famous players/patrons names for the divisions.

–          The Leafs will be fortunate that of their Atlantic division rivals, they play the Canadiens and Buffalo Sabres 5 times each.  They’ll square off against the Bruins, Senators, Red Wings, Lightning and Panthers only 4 times

–          Also new to the schedule, the Leafs will play every team at least twice this season.  They’ll play *sigh* the Metropolitan Division teams 3 times each, while playing 2 games against each Western Conference squad.  Actually a prudent move from the league…

–          The Leafs have 16 back-to-back games throughout the season


Lovely infographic: