Maple Leafs Hot Stove has been approached by a parent of my Nephew’s Hockey Team seeking out a team sponsor(s). After speaking with Alec, we thought it would be a cool idea to see if the MLHS community would like to join in and sponsor the North Toronto Tyke Select Team.

We will feature a write up on the progress of the team and players, as provided, and we can track the players here. Obviously, we’ll respect the young player’s anonymity and follow them with last names only or in a similarly anonymous way. Alec and I have started the bidding off and hope that you can join in and help some young players enjoy the gift of playing hockey, while making sure that none of them become: A) Montreal Canadiens fans or B) Ottawa Senators fans.

We hope you will join in and share in their joy as we track the season of the young 6 year olds. Follow along while they learn the game, make friends and create lifelong memories.

Every little bit helps, and no donation is too small.

***We are hoping to sponsor the away jerseys for the team, with the MLHS logo on it. ***