Maple Leaf Hangout Episode #3: Franson, Kessel, team ratings

Maple Leafs Hot Stove Hangout
Photo: MLHS

In episode 3 of the Maple Leaf Hangout, the panel discusses Cody Franson’s new contract, rates the team in a bunch of different categories, and postulates on the rumours of Phil Kessel contract negotiations.

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  • Conis

    I haven’t listened to an episode yet, but keep up the good work

  • B_Leaf

    Carlyle gets a 9 here.

  • B_Leaf

    Just consider how far this team has come under Carlyle in about 60-70 games

  • Marlies Man

    BS lol

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    this has to be looked at as a body of work, I don’t agree with lowering the coach’s score based on one solitary event

  • mORRganRielly

    Mike doesn’t like Carlyle, but his reasoning is pretty sound.  But I think we have to judge Carlyle based on how he develops the defense as opposed to how he’s utilizing it at this point.  So as far as Phaneuf has come around, I look at Gardiner, Franson, and potentially Rielly as the key players who will determine how Carlyle develops the defense.

  • B_Leaf

    I think depth will be an issue this year. In net and on the blueline we look good, but the forwards are a concern. After our top nine or ten, there is a real drop. But our top nine or ten is really solid!

  • B_Leaf

    Our top six is really quite good. Four guys with exceptional hands.

  • Marlies Man

    -Keon- I’m dunking left, right and centre as not to get smacked.

  • Marlies Man

    MLHS rocks. Good addition to the site, guys.