It’s two straight Olympic gold medals for Team Canada. And as bizarre as it sounds, it was never in doubt after the Latvia game. Goaltending, as it turns out, was only a problem for Canada in the sense that it was the only reason Canada didn’t beat the USA and Sweden by a combined 10-0 score.

Steve Yzerman, the management, Mike Babcock and the coaching staff came up smelling like roses after a couple of masterful displays of near hockey perfection in the semi and gold medal finals. They’re charged with the task of assembling the right combinations  out of the best hockey talent pool in the world. They had every winger and defenceman on their strong side. They had an embarrassment of riches with past Stanley Cup and gold medal winners. Every forward was committed to playing 200ft to support a defence that gave up so little. In the end, it was flawless execution of the gameplan: own the puck, give up nothing. Three goals against all tournament, with two shutouts in the semis and the final, is remarkable.

Phil Kessel, meanwhile, took top forward honours in the Olympic tournament. Congrats to Leafs fans and Canada fans everywhere.



Team Canada passed the test against the vaunted American offense, their unequaled depth shining through as they dominated possession and shut the door defensively. How will Canada fare against the only team whose combination of goaltending and defence has rivalled theirs in this tournament?

The gold medal hangs in the balance, and hopefully not around Daniel Alfredsson’s neck when this game is over.



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  • BingoDabber

    Interesting that the # World Championship titles on each roster is even. I guess most good players are on teams that make the playoffs more often than not. However, that has to be a meaningful category, this is an international ice surface. Canada has the edge on depth, as they do against every team, but Sweden plays on big ice better than any country. See Turin.

  • Tim Horton

    Yaaaah, I don’t know about ya’ll but I am cheering for CANADA.

  • Black_Hawk

    GO  CAN GO

  • Leafbites

    No way I’m watching this game live on the Pacific coast, so enjoy boys! 

    Let’s go Canada, 4-0, finish this in style! Gold Baby

  • toleafs

    PVR baby, I cant wake up at 4am. GO CANADA GO!!! 4-1

  • Radar O’Rielly

    On paper, Canada should win.

  • 17Forever

    You are awake !!!

  • 17Forever

    Lets do this !!!

  • 17Forever

    I am now home from work and trying to stay awake for the Gold game that will take place in 2 hours from now. Long night  !!! Wish   … Me luck ! 
    Go Canada ! Go Canada !
    Man … if any team in the NHL had the D that this team has it would almost be the team Cap alone !! 
    65 to 70 mil alone for Team Canadas’s Defence !! 
    You have to Love the Olympics for the fact.

  • maple1967leafs

    If your having a hard time staying awake,You best not watch ice dancing or cross country skiing