Morning Mashup: Brendan Shanahan to be introduced as President today

Brendan Shanahan

The Maple Leafs are walking out another mouthpiece for their organization today. Between Leiweke, Nonis, Poulin, Loiselle and now Brendan Shanahan, will there will be some difficulty “staying on message”?

Color us pessimistic, but it doesn’t seem like a move that will affect the on-ice product in the immediate future. The Maple Leafs need to make the same moves they did last year, but failed to do: Phaneuf needs a LD partner, along with a RD for the 2nd pairing. Bozak needs to be replaced with a proper 1C, Bolland needs replacing if he is asking for anything more than $3.5 and anything longer than 4-5 years.

This on top of replacing the Head Coach, and probably the entire coaching staff.


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  • NotTheCanucksnaphook

    mashup eh?   Lets fuckin go Shanny…entertain my ass.

  • maple1967leafs

    It took me almost two years to understand what the SWARM system was,,Stand,Watch,And,Remain,Motionless

  • rustynail
    So the AHL finally credited with the game winner last night. Congratulations on hitting the 20 goal mark Jerry.

  • Cameron19

    How much change can we reasonably expect in one off-season? How many of the following:

    Released UFAs?

  • Archie Vanlanda

    Cameron19  We can expect some coaching changes, some non resignings, maybe one low end FA signing and trading of our RFAs that will not be resigned. I would not expect the makeover that some of us want.

  • NotTheCanucksnaphook

    Cameron19  If MLSE gives a shit, there should be significant changes.

  • rustynail
    Boudreau on the Selanne/Jiggy victory lap: “I’m glad there were no cameras on me because I was crying …

  • MaxwellHowe

    Cameron19 I hope there aren’t many signings.  McIntyre, Bodie, Holland, Ashton, D’Amigo, Gardiner.  That is all.

  • Yaknowwhat

    “The are walking out another mouthpiece for their organization today”

    Sums up exacty how I am feeling about this…no problem with Shanny…great player..good guy…but no experience in this role concerns me…and I really want to know who has the final say on team decisions…is it Nonis? is it Shanny? or is it Liewike?

  • MaxwellHowe

    NotTheCanucksnaphook Cameron19 I think its mostly going to be by way of subtraction.  I like your idea of adding Brian Boyle, maybe a vet D like Robidas for 2 years, thats about it