(Monday Mashup) Schedule Released

Photo: NHLI via Getty Images

The 2014-15 NHL schedule was released yesterday, and the news wasn’t great for the Maple Leafs (click to view the Leafs schedule).

(In layman’s terms, the Leafs get to play a tired team while rested only 5 times, but played a rested team while tired 14 times).

 Rank out of 30
Total back to backst-3rd
Games as rested teamt-27th
Games as tired teamt-3rd

According to more of Gus’s data, out of a sample of 17220 games, a tired team’s winning percentage is .495 while a rested team’s is .596.

At least they’re in the East. Using a 4th line might be important in those tired back to backs.


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  • Kouba

    Piece of cake for LAK, dynasty in making.

    Still, I would prefer the Columbus one. The Leafs schedule is too soft to get McDavid.
    No excuses.

  • Mind Bomb

    Hmm Nice start, first 6 games all against playoff teams from last year 3 divisional, 5 out of six are in our Conference.

    Good start= Must :)

  • MLHS_Luke

    Wait, there’s a 5:45AM??

  • maple1967leafs

    MLHS_Luke morning morning mashup

  • MLHS_Luke

    The only thing more surprising about this schedule is that Montreal has more than 8 B2Bs.

  • Burtonboy

    Guess Shanny doesn’t have much pull with Bettman anymore (:

  • Loric76

    Mind Bomb Other way around.  I hope they struggle somewhat out of the gate, so they don’t get over confident and let the “play like crap but win” style take hold again.  Let reality set in that they have to work to win, not coast.

  • Pent_House

    Can’t really complain about shit that wasn’t in management’s hands. All you can do is play the hand you were dealt. 4th line will be important this year, as well as playing with leads.

  • Loric76

    Pent_House It’s not management’s fault at all…but we can still complain :)

  • Burtonboy

    Surely this stuff comes up at BOG and GM meetings ?