Steve Spott on TSN 1050

Steve Spott
Head coach Steve Spott speaks to reporters during a news conference naming the team at the National Juniors selection camp in Calgary, Alta., Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012. The Canadian junior men's hockey team had the best 19-year-old talent in the country available to it because of the NHL lockout, but a pair of 17-year-old forwards were named to the squad Thursday.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Steve Spott – TSN 1050: Macko & Cauz: July 16.

Steve Spott joins the program to talk about being the new Assistant coach of the Leafs

  • Optimustic

    Steve Spot the ” buffer between RC and the roster”.   What does that say?

  • Cloud09

    Optimustic That Carlyle is a dick.

  • Optimustic

    Cloud09 Optimustic Yup, and that the players aren’t getting along with him.  That’s what I’m hoping was the reason for the poor results at the end of last season.   Either fix the problem between RC and the players or replace RC and we’ll have a better season this year.

  • dlb Mad

    tells me you all have never been in  high level sport before

  • dlb Mad

    but you would love Babcock, right?

  • Optimustic

    dlb Mad Optimustic No, I haven’t.  Seems to me that when someone is brought in to be a buffer, that there is a problem though.   Even if it isn’t RC’s fault, they aren’t going to continually replace the roster, eventually the coach will have to go.

  • Xxxxxnew

    Optimustic dlb Mad Honestly, half the time I think these guys would piss themselves if they had some of my Junior coaches.

  • Tim Horton

    dlb Mad Optimustic You say this daily. Whats the highest level you played?

  • Optimustic

    Xxxxxnew Optimustic dlb Mad Sure seems like it sometimes, maybe they feel that onece they make it to the big league that they can take it easier.  Most of us could never reach their level of ability no matter how hard we tried. Not saying that they don’t work to become better, but a lot of players have to put in a lot more effort and still don’t make the NHL.

  • Cameron19

    dlb Mad Cloud09 Babcock has a leg to stand on if he’s hard on players though – his system, and his methods are proven to work even when his roster is crazily depleted, or when it lacks talent in the first place. Carlyle has never had any success except for the 2-3 seasons where he had two first ballot hall-of-fame defenders, Getzlaf, Perry, Ryan and an amazing supporting cast on top of it. There are very few coaches who wouldn’t have been able to make it work there during those years.