Maple Leafs hire Brandon Pridham as new assistant GM

Brandon Pridham
Brandon Pridham

The Maple Leafs have rounded out their front office by hiring a second assistant GM — Brandon Pridham.

Pridham has been working in the NHL head offices for 15 years, leaving a position as Director of the Central Registry and Central Scouting. Pridham will be the team’s resident capologist and CBA expert as well as negotiate contracts with the team’s pending free agents — the role Claude Loiselle was fired from in late July.

Pridham’s career with the NHL began in 1999 as a coordinator in Central Scouting. He has also served in the Central Scouting and Central Registry departments; his role was that of the “contact person” for NHL general managers on issues involving the CBA, salary cap and the Central Scouting department. That would suggest there are very few in the hockey world who know these things as inside and out as Pridham.

[pull_quote_center]I am very grateful for the opportunities and experiences I’ve gained at the National Hockey League. I always looked forward to the opportunity to bring that experience to an NHL club and I’m thrilled with the chance to join Dave Nonis and his team with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

– Brandon Pridham[/pull_quote_center]

When the Leafs hired Loiselle, he came with some league executive experience as well as the Assistant Director of Hockey Operations, but he worked primarily in salary arbitration and collective bargaining. Pridham has been working with the League on salary cap issues specifically since it introduced the cap in 2005.

CapGeek reported last week that the Leafs’ bonus overage wound up dinging the Leafs for $520,000 on the cap next season — for a team that finished eighth last in the League last season, that was perhaps the final straw for Loiselle, who faced much criticism for the buyout-proof structure of the David Clarkson deal, the team’s use of their compliance buyouts, and their season-long cap squeeze that saw the team lose Joe Colborne in preseason and limited their roster flexibility all year.

It looks like Kyle Dubas will be partly occupying Dave Poulin’s former position, at least in the sense that one of his roles looks to be the overseeing of the Toronto Marlies — Dubas has made a few small AHL signings in the past few weeks, including Patrick Watling, his former player in the Soo. Pridham will be the Leafs’ cap guy and contract negotiator, and is someone Shanahan’s likely quite familiar with from his time in the NHL head office.

Shanny continues to reshape the Leafs’ front office in his image, bit by bit.


  • Burtonboy

    Excellent hire IMO

  • Bobsyouruncle

    Every hire or signing is excellent to you.

  • Walter_White

    Bobsyouruncle Burtonboy Not much to complain about lately…

  • Komas Taberle

    This si a great hire. team’s cap guys used him as a sounding board before signing anyone to make sure the were aligned with all cap rules.

  • Burtonboy

    Bobsyouruncle Burtonboy God Bless you Bob

  • Bobsyouruncle

    Burtonboy A point in every direction is the same as no point at all.

  • Burtonboy

    Bobsyouruncle Burtonboy God bless you Bob

  • Ian from Etobicoke

    The ExtraSkater hire is a good one as it blocks other teams from easy access to advanced statistics, plus he understands on how everything fits together.

    The hiring of Charron is a head scratcher. I’ve never seen a writer get lit up as bad as Charron did as he was regularly flat-out wrong and stupidly so. He was regularly called out for missing information in his articles that would disprove the entire articles.
    Aside from all of that, he carries himself like a complete loser everywhere he’s been.

  • Waiting4LSC

    Komas Taberle KT, are you suggesting Leafs continue to take the moral high ground, and leave the grey areas to the other franchisees?  For once, I’d like to see us take some initiative, cos the NHL aren’t going to do us any favours. :)

  • Mind Bomb

    So is Scouting Next, Assistant Coaches, AGM’s Roster Vamps. PR department changed, created a new anal Department :)