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Many in the scouting fraternity believe the 2015 NHL Entry Draft is loaded with talent—so much so that it may one day rival the 2003 draft. Heading the pack are the two generational talents Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel.

The only debate around centerman Connor McDavid right now is if he is the best OHL prospect of all time. His stats are staggering; his highlight clips equally so. Cerebral, explosive and always thinking 2 steps ahead of the play. Uses excellent changes in speed to draw in and blow by opponents… stick-handling jaw-droppingly fast… hard, quick accurate shot that will get better as he develops his pro game; he doesn’t score a lot of goals from outside the tops of the circles. The hockey world hasn’t seen a prospect this good since Crosby and he may even be better. Better first step acceleration, better first 3 strides, better mid-speed acceleration and extra top gear acceleration that is rivalled only by perhaps Tyler Seguin and Phil Kessel. His creativity and the break neck speed that he makes them at is simply stunning. His only perceived flaw is that his shot needs more velocity if he wants to achieve what Crosby has done in his career, but it is hard and very accurate. Sky is the limit.

Jack Eichel is getting the bridesmaid’s treatment right now, but if McDavid weren’t in the 2015 NHL draft, he would be the best prospect since Crosby, as well. While both natural centerman, Eichel has a different game whereby he doesn’t rely as much on his change of pace, but his long, unusual stride and silly top gear speed. He’s a couple of inches taller than McDavid and uses his long reach to protect the puck better down low than McDavid, has a cannon of a shot that he can score from the tops of the circles—and beyond—and is equally creative, though his hands aren’t as fast. Buffalo is going to be very happy with this pick.

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