Toronto continued its strong run in November with a dominant special teams performance against Colorado.

The Leafs failed to score a goal at even strength, but it didn’t make much of a difference, as they opened the scoring shorthanded, and added four powerplay markers, winning comfortably.

Colorado carried the possession for most of the game, but wasn’t able to turn that into a chance advantage, as the two teams finished level at even strength. Colorado also had the better of the neutral zone, as they dominated with a lot of controlled entries, which was helped by the fact they were behind for most of the game.


The Leafs out-chanced Colorado in the opening frame, and left the period with a two goal lead. Toronto was able to hold on in the second period, giving up five of the first seven chances, but they turned one of theirs into a power-play goal from Tyler Bozak. The third period was a strong one for the Leafs, who were able to hold off the Avalanche resistance, and ended up extending their lead.

118:4300ColSoderberg from ComeauES3152334425151214203446
117:3000ColSkille wide from loose puckES192634465256248102055
116:5900ColDuchene wide from GrigorenkoSH2344042464912202529
116:5100TorGrabner drivesSH3344044474912202529
116:3900TorGOAL! Komarov from MatthiasSH3233444474912202529
113:4110TorHolland from reboundES3242834405152027364655
113:0610ColSoderberg deflects Beauchemin shotES3152334425161214203234
112:0910TorKadri wraparoundES22134434447249202529
111:5910TorKadri deflects Rielly shot wideES22134434447249202529
108:1710ColStreet from EverbergES1921344344465810204546
106:4210TorParenteau from MatthiasES3152334425161214203234
103:1410ColMacKinnon drivesES22134434447249202529
101:3410TorBoyes from looose puckPP31524283442620293245
101:2310TorGOAL! Parenteau from HollandPP31524283442620293245
212:2620ColSoderberg drivesES319263451562412142034
211:1520ColIginla from BarrieSH3232634464912202529
210:0720TorFroese from RiellyES21263444465621420273236
209:4830TorGOAL! Bozak from BoyesPP31524283442620323645
209:4030ColStreet drivesES1926344651565810204546
208:0030ColWagner drivesES15233442465252027364655
204:0331ColSkille from McLeodES1926344652566820323655
201:5931TorLupul from loose puckES192634465256248102045
201:1731ColMacKinnon wraparoundES221344344476920252946
316:2931TorKadri from Van RiemsdykES221344344476920252932
313:4731TorKadri from Van RiemsdykES321344347516920252932
312:0731ColMcLeod deflects Beauchemin shot wideSH23440465661420323455
310:5531TorKadri wide from loose puckES21524344344249202729
308:3931TorGOAL! Parenteau from HollandPP315242834422581420
305:2241ColMacKinnon post from BarrieEN21523344244469142729
304:1441ColMartinsen from reboundEN319263451562427293655
304:0141TorGOAL! Van Riemsdyk from HunwickPP22134434447614313236
303:0251TorGrabner from BoyesES24283440465251214313446
301:5251TorKadri from Van RiemsdykES2134434647522427313655
300:4651ColEverberg deflects Martinsen shot wideES26283446525652731344546

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk6366.7%14:3916.7%55.6%44.0%55.0%

Leo Komarov and James van Riemsdyk both scored goals on a great night for the top line, which went head-to-head with MacKinnon and Duchene, and clearly won the chance battle, as all three forwards finished at a team best +3. As so often happens, they were also the only line that regularly entered the opponent’s zone with control, though they also gave up a higher percentage of controlled entries.

It was also a good night for the Peter Holland line, with Brad Boyes drawing back in, as Holland and Grabner both finished without giving up a chance against.

P.A. Parenteau and Tyler Bozak had strong nights with the extra man, but weren’t that impressive at even strength, as they were broadly out-chanced going up against the Iginla line. Joffrey Lupul’s line was given a variety of match-ups, and had a tough time in all of them — the Leafs‘ worst line in terms of possession and chances.

Matt Hunwick and Morgan Rielly spent most of their time with the top line, and against the Colorado top line, and so they ended up with nice numbers as well — the only defencemen to finish above even in chances. Things weren’t as good for Roman Polak with Martin Marincin, as they mostly avoided the top two lines, but were the worst pairing in terms of chances, and had very poor numbers for controlled entries against.