The Maple Leafs ended up with their worst result of the season against the Jets, but it looked like they might manage to escape after a couple of periods.

The Leafs were only down by one, and Garret Sparks had done a good job of keeping them in it. However, two early goals in the third broke Toronto’s back, and a successful Jets’ challenge on a Nick Spaling would-be goal spelled the end of the Leafs‘ hopes.

The possession numbers were actually relatively close, but the chance numbers were pretty one-sided. The Jets dominated the second period, and Toronto were badly out-chanced at even strength. has the numbers more even, but I took a manual review of a number of their listed chances, and the shot locations don’t correlate that well with the actual video evidence. The Leafs were also beaten out in zone entries, with the Jets having a much better controlled entries number.


The Leafs had a terrible stretch that lasted over 25 minutes, as they were out-chanced 17-2 over the middle portion of the game. It looked like they might be able to survive that until the two early goals in the third, and after falling behind by two they only managed to be even in chances.

117:5800TorGOAL! Grabner from WinnikES162631404652568222730
114:2610TorHolland from BoyesES32428315156121618303357
114:2410TorFroese wide from reboundES32428315156121618303357
114:0010WpgSchiefle from PerreaultES315233142515812305585
111:3510WpgGOAL! Stafford from SchiefleES216263140445812305585
111:2011TorMatthias from BozakES15233142465271230335585
108:1311TorVan Riemsdyk wide from KadriPP213143475156626303357
106:5511WpgSchiefle from StaffordES162631404446123039555785
106:2211TorMatthias drivesSH223314656161826303385
103:4111WpgWheeler wide from PerreaultSH216314046161826303385
103:0211WpgWheeler from ByfuglienSH216314046161826303385
102:3111WpgEhlers post from StaffordSH323314456122730335585
218:5712WpgLadd from LittleES232131434771618263033
217:1612WpgMyers drivesES162631404651123039555785
217:0812WpgPeluso deflects Trouba shot wideES2324283156589141730
213:5412WpgSchiefle drivesSH231404656122730395557
212:1712WpgSchiefle drivesSH216314044162630555785
210:0612WpgEhlers wide from ThorburnES31626314051568222730
206:2312WpgBurmistrov drives wideES21516314051568273085
205:3912WpgSchiefle from PerreaultES2162631404671230335585
204:4812WpgLittle from loose puckES2213143444771618263033
203:3912TorFroese from HollandES2428314651567914173057
200:5812WpgLadd from WheelerES2212831515681618263033
200:3912TorBoyes wide from loose puckES2242831445681618263033
319:1712WpgWheeler deflects Enstrom shotES21523314244161826303957
318:3612WpgPerreault drivesES3213143475171230335585
318:3212WpgGOAL! Schiefle from reboundES242831465256568222730
317:1713WpgGOAL! Ladd from MyersES31523314251161826303957
316:4414TorSpaling from loose puckES21626314044161826303957
316:4114TorSpaling from reboundES21626314044161826303957
314:2514WpgLowry drivesES22428314456589141730
310:5314WpgSchiefle from EnstromSH3140465256122730395557
309:0714WpgGOAL! Little from WheelerES3233144465651618263033
304:3915TorGrabner wide from BozakES1531404244466717273039
302:0715WpgGOAL! Peluso from CoppES31523314251589141730
300:0716TorHolland from WinnikES24263144515691417303957

Leafs Player Data

Van Riemsdyk040.0%13:2460.0%45.2%47.4%39.1%

The top two lines both had bad nights, with Nazem Kadri, Leo Komarov and James Van Riemsdyk failing to generate a single chance, while Tyler Bozak and P.A. Parenteau were also out-chanced, although they were able to generate a couple. That second line did have the worst controlled entries numbers, with the Jets getting 60% controlled entries against them.

There was a bright spot from Peter Holland, who continued a solid recent run, and was the only Leaf forward to finish above even on the night, though his line did also struggle to prevent controlled entries. Daniel Winnik and Michael Grabner also had solid offensive nights, as the bottom six did most of the successful work in that end of the rink.

Martin Marincin was the only Leaf defenceman to finish above even in chances, as he had a very low-event 13 ES minutes. This was in sharp contrast to Dion Phaneuf, who played only 11 ES minutes but was on for eight Jets chances in that time. Matt Hunwick also finished with poor numbers, as he and Morgan Rielly have wilted a little under the difficult assignments they’ve had recently.