A wild game saw Toronto fall behind early only to storm ahead four minutes later and extend the lead to 4-1 midway through the second period.

Then it was Anaheim’s turn to answer, scoring four straight goals to retake the lead. Connor Brown’s first NHL goal, on the powerplay, tied the game with less than five minutes to go, and Nazem Kadri completed a four-point night with an overtime winner shortly into the 3-on-3 period.


The Ducks had the better of the game, dominating chances both overall and at even strength. Corsi was more even, with Anaheim only pulling out into a lead early in the third period, while the neutral zone numbers clearly favoured Toronto.

Anaheim’s push to tie is very clear when looking at the chances; after going behind 4-1, they had thirteen of the next fourteen chances, including all four of their goals. Toronto had a strong stretch in the middle of the second period as they built their lead.

118:2900AnaPirri deflects Lindholm shotES183140434452111531424788
118:2400AnaMcGinn from reboundES183140434452111531424788
117:0500AnaPirri deflects Perry shotSH162631445241011153188
117:0400AnaGOAL! McGinn from reboundSH162631445241011153188
113:0511TorGOAL! Kadri from MichalekPP16183142434445223133
109:0321TorHyman wide from loose puckES111531394452101531374247
108:4721AnaPerry drives postES11202629313951031374767
105:3021TorLaich from SmithES8112326315131031374767
100:5021AnaThompson deflects Lindholm shotES82326313851162531424447
215:4821TorNylander drivesES8111531395141031374267
215:0021AnaRitchie drivesES8152326315131031374767
214:2121AnaSantorelli from loose puckES2023262931384516253167
214:2021AnaSantorelli from reboundES2023262931384516253167
211:0221TorGOAL! Bozak from KadriPP16183142434437153147
210:1831TorBozak from loose puckES16313242445231031374767
210:1531TorBozak from reboundES16313242445231031374767
209:3331TorBrown wide from KadriES1631404344524511153188
203:0131TorGOAL! Corrado from reboundES20232631384471531334247
202:4741AnaGetzlaf drivesES18314043445271531334247
201:1341AnaGetzlaf from FowlerSH112631445241015313747
201:0641AnaGOAL! McGinn from PirriSH162331515241011153188
200:5842AnaCogliano from loose puckES8313242435172231334247
200:5743AnaGOAL! Cogliano from reboundES8313242435172231334247
318:3343AnaPerry from McGinnES8153132395131031426788
318:2743AnaStoner from MansonES8153132395131031426788
318:0943AnaManson drivesES11152029313931122313742
317:3643AnaPirri from HorcoffES11202629313951116223147
315:3343TorBozak wide from KadriPP161831424344422313342
314:2143AnaGOAL! Garbutt from giveawayPP153132383951416223142
313:2844AnaRakell drives wideES23293138435251031476788
311:4344AnaGOAL! Pirri from HorcoffES81115313951112231374247
311:2945AnaThompson deflects Garbutt shotES163132424452162531424447
310:1945TorKadri post from GrabnerES818314043514510153188
309:1245TorGreening drivesES82631383944112231374247
307:3345AnaMcGinn wide from loose puckSH82631405141011153188
306:5645AnaRitchie post from GetzlafSH1120233144101531374247
305:3545TorBozak from BrownES1629313242514716223142
304:2345TorGOAL! Brown from MichalekPP16183142434437153147
301:2355AnaFowler from LindholmSH112331445241011153188
301:0355AnaPerry drivesSH263140445241015314788
300:0655AnaRakell drivesES816313242514731334767
404:5355TorRielly drives wideES113143444153133
404:4355AnaSilfverberg from GetzlafES113143444153133
404:3255TorKadri from RiellyES113143444101531
404:1955TorKadri from loose puckES113143444101531

Leafs Player Data


Nazem Kadri had a great offensive night, but his line, alongside Milan Michalek and Michael Grabner, produced very little at even strength; all four of Kadri’s points came on the powerplay or overtime. Kadri also had much worse defensive numbers than the rest of his line, as he was caught out on a few shifts with other partners. For the most part, he matched up against Getzlaf’s line. William Nylander’s line was also outchanced.

The only trio in the positive was Tyler Bozak, with Connor Brown and Josh Leivo. Zach Hyman partnered with Kadri for a good shift in overtime, which lifted him to the top of the table.

Morgan Rielly joined Kadri and Hyman with a strong overtime shift, which gave him a boost over Martin Marincin, as that pairing was narrowly outchanced, mostly up against Getzlaf. Frank Corrado and Rinat Valiev received mostly offensive zone starts, but were the worst Leafs in terms of chances.