Wrapping up the Maple Leafs’ trade deadline & diagnosing the power-play woes – MLHS Podcast Episode 11

Nick Foligno, Toronto Maple Leaf
Aaron Doster – USA TODAY Sports

Ian Tulloch and Anthony Petrielli are joined by Alec Brownscombe to break down the trade deadline moves — in Toronto and around the league — and lament the current state of the Maple Leafs power play.

Episode Overview

  • Overall reflections on the Toronto Maple Leafs‘ deadline moves (2:25)
  • The addition of Nick Foligno and why he was a good fit for the team’s needs (6:15)
  • What makes Nick Foligno good defensively (13:45)
  • Why the comparisons of the price the Bruins paid for Hall and the Leafs‘ assumed price to get him aren’t totally fair, and why Hall might not have been the ideal fit (20:15)
  • Impressions of the winners and losers around the league on deadline day (25:00)
  • What the Leafs were looking for in Ben Hutton (33:00)
  • What has gone horribly wrong with the power play in the last month & change (42:40)