Travis Dermott, Morgan Rielly
Photo: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In Episode 33 of the MLHS Podcast, Ian Tulloch, Anthony Petrielli, and Kevin Papetti discuss whether the Leafs are playing slower than in previous seasons, the bottom-six makeup, David Kampf’s role, Nick Ritchie’s struggles, Justin Holl’s press box stint, Travis Dermott’s future, and much more.

Episode Overview

  • Are the Leafs still a fast team? (1:05)
  • The Nick Ritchie problem — is it time to introduce him to the press box? (9:45)
  • Assessing David Kampf’s contribution & role to this point and where he best fits (17:30)
  • Thoughts on the Morgan Rielly contract and whether it was the best use of the Leafs’ limited cap resources (28:10)
  • Why do the Leafs have just one goal from their defense this season, and how big of a problem is it really? (38:50)
  • The Travis Dermott trade rumours, the duration of the Justin Holl press box stint, and Timothy Liljegren’s emergence (45:50)
  • With Rielly signed and Campbell in need of signing, who might the Leafs move out to make space? (59:00)
  • Summarizing the team’s roster needs and possible lineup adjustments for the rest of the season (1:08:00)