A scary report has surfaced via the Toronto Sun about a car-jacking at gunpoint perpetrated against Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner.

Looking to get his mind off a tough conclusion to the playoffs with a night out at the movies, this sounds like a horrifying episode that understandably has left Marner shaken. Thankfully, Marner and his friend are said to be physically unharmed by the incident.

Toronto Police tweeted about a carjacking at The Queensway and Islington Ave. at 7:46 p.m., saying a man was robbed of a Black Range Rover by three suspects with the use of two handguns as well as a knife.

Const. David Hopkinson said “the suspects have fled in the Range Rover.”

According to a source, Marner was going to a movie with a friend when “the guys approached wearing masks and said they wanted the vehicle. Mitch said, ‘go ahead and take it.”’

The source said while weapons were involved, Marner and his friend did not have a gun pointed directly at their heads.

“The suspects did not know it was Marner,” said the source. “They were only interested in the Range Rover, which they can quickly sell out of country.”

Toronto Police sources say all eyes are on the road looking for these armed and dangerous suspects.

Meanwhile, there was great concern about the wellbeing and safety of Marner.

“He’s doing all right,” said a source who was on the scene.

Our Toronto readers should be aware that this is the second report in the past few days about car thieves in the area:

Here is hoping for swift justice for the perpetrators and a full recovery for Marner from such an ugly and traumatic experience.