A Hopeful Tuesday


There might have been a little somethin’ somethin’ crowding your Twitter feed last night, forcing you to miss the updates (or lack thereof.. in this case, possibly a good thing) from the latest round of NHL/NHLPA meetings. No word about what went down, but the negotiating session lasted seven hours and ended with plans to resume talks today (Wednesday).

Considering the last meeting between the two sides took about 10 minutes and preceded two weeks of stalemate, this seems to be a good sign. They’re talking at length, and a process that’s been riddled with posturing has broken for some welcomed silence and secrecy.

Perhaps a few missed paycheques and the cancelation of the Winter Classic has injected the necessary urgency to arrive at an agreement that really isn’t that far out of reach.

Or maybe I’m just brimming with hope after last night.

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