It was a bit of an eventful weekend with the CBA Memo of Understanding signed, Burke getting off his parting shots, Nonis making his big splash with the signing of Mike Mottau, and we finally have a schedule for the season (Full Schedule can be found here.)

I normally like to be a bit more detailed than this, but it’s Sunday night, I’m tired and a little annoyed that all trades we were promised haven’t materialized. There’s a good chance I sat around all day waiting for something worthwhile to write about, and when that didn’t show up you got stuck with this list.

As an Edmonton-based Leafs fan, it’s more than a little disappointing that I won’t get a local game this year, but that will hopefully lead to me finally visiting the Air Canada Centre. We’ll see. Anyway, here’s some notes to start off your Monday morning and what should be an interesting week filled with line combos, trade rumors, and of course, opening night.

  1. The Schedule is light on extended road trips and home stands. The longest the Leafs are ever away is for three games (happens twice) and the worst stretch is 5 out 6 games being on the road. On the other hand they only have 2 three game home stands, and their best stretch is 6 out of 8 games being at home.
  2. The Leafs luck out and get Ottawa and Montreal for 5 games apiece and Buffalo and Boston will only be four a piece. It will be three in Ottawa two in Toronto, and three in Toronto two in Montreal. That also seems to benefit the Leafs nicely as Ottawa is basically like playing at home.
  3. March remains a month from hell. Three of the four Bruins games fall in this month,  There’s two against the Pens as well.
  4. April seems to be very friendly down the stretch. The Leafs have done well recently against the Rangers, and aside from the Flyers game their opponents are not overly intimidating.
  5. The conference teams the Leafs will play at home twice are the Islanders, Devils, Penguins, Flyers, and Hurricanes. It’s nice to have somewhat of an advantage in the Flyers/Pens games.
  6. March 2nd appears to be the weekend that we all bitch about the Leafs not being on Hockey Night in Canada. Make plans to do something with your significant other that night.
  7. Four of the Five games against the Habs will fall on Saturday night this year. Not much of a surprise, but kudos to the NHL schedule makers on still being able to pull that off.
  8. Every time the Leafs play back to back games they will be required to travel, at no point do they have two home games on consecutive nights like many other teams.
  9. The best stretch of time off for the Leafs is 4 days, they play on March 30th and again on April 4th. Conveniently in that period is the trade deadline (April 3rd)
  10. Who cares about who they play and when, HOCKEY’S BACK!!!

Monday Morning Links…

The 10 Most Interesting Players on the Waiver Wire This is a pretty lame list, but as Dave Nonis said, it’s going to get better as the week goes on. As for the rumour that the Leafs put a claim in on Steve MacIntyre, that is something that I would count among the most unfortunate things to happen in Maple Leafs history.

2013 Leafs Schedule: Get Ready to Plan Your Next 3 Months
I wasn’t the only one taking a look at the Leafs schedule this weekend. Especially noteworthy is the 15 games in February.

Leafs Sign Mike Mottau
Hard to see this as anything other than a Marlies depth signing. The Nonis era begins with a “Meh.”

With Burke Gone What Becomes of Phil Kessel
Justin thinks Kessel shouldn’t be traded and should be re-signed. I’m willing to bet that most of us are in agreement on that.

Burke to Ottawa or Maybe Return to Toronto Some Day
While it would be hilarious to see the Leafs do battle with Burke in the future I’m willing to bet Burke will wind up on the east coast. I’m thinking New Jersey when Lou is ready to step down.

The CBA Summary of Terms
This may be something that only interests me, but here is the list of CBA changes. It’s probably your best reference until the CBA is finalized (via Pro Hockey Talk)

Nonis and Carlyle Lay Out Their Blue Print for Season
Youth movement continues and truculence is on its way out. I rejoice.

Roberto Luongo contract No Big Deal, Vancouver GM says
I don’t know what people were expecting him to say. “I’m an idiot for agreeing to this unmoveable cap hit?” As frustrating as it is to wait on bringing in a true NHL number one goaltender, there’s some benefit to trying to wait out Gillis.

Staying Home
Habs remind Scott Gomez that he’s terrible at hockey. Lulz.

Busy Week Ahead for Nonis and the Leafs
Move into the bigger office. Order new business cards. Completely neglect goaltending issues. Whew, he’s gonna need a vacation.

Are Leafs Banking our Future too much on Morgan Rielly and Jake Gardiner?
I love the questions that Michael asks. My thought, yes. Just because I don’t think it’s safe to rest all hopes on any prospect.

Watch this interview With Mikhail Grabovski
Magic Mik is still awesome.

Tyler Bozak is not perfect, but he’s the safest option as Number 1 Centre
Bozak is making quite a career for himself as a mediocre hockey player who befriended a thirty goal scorer.

Leafs look to adopt a defensive state of mind
Step 1: Bring in players who know how to play defense.

Paul Ranger isn’t interested in playing in the NHL (yet). I hope he changes his mind next season.

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