The first to break the Jarome Iginla to Boston trade, Aaron Ward is now reporting the Leafs have been given permission by Calgary to talk to Miikka Kiprusoff’s representatives about changing his stance on not reporting to a new team in order to come to Toronto.

After what feels like an eternity of Roberto Luongo being linked to the Leafs, it’s almost strange to hear a different goalies name linked to Toronto via trade.

But here we are, as Miikka Kiprusoff is now being connected perilously close to the Leafs.

Aaron Ward started the maelstrom by tweeting that the Leafs have been granted permission to talk to Kiprusoff’s representatives.

Then insiders like Darren Dreger and John Shannon confirmed it.

Let’s not pretend Shannon and Ward have a history of being right, though.

However, on TSN’s ‘That’s Hockey’ Bob McKenzie stated the Leafs are looking to make a soft deal for a veteran goalie with playoff experience; ‘soft deal,’ according to McKenzie, means a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

Then Damien Cox tweeted what the potential cost might be and it matches what McKenzie reported:

So you can just kind of put things together logically for yourself. Kiprusoff is turning 37 this year and has a .873sv% and 3.52GAA. The three seasons prior to this one he put up .921sv%, .906sv% and .920sv%.

Some questions to ponder:

If the Leafs acquire Kiprusoff, does that mean Scrivens is on the move? He’s a young goalie who should get interest, so things could eventually boil down to be Reimer, Kiprusoff and the return received on Scrivens, vs. Reimer, Scrivens and a 3rd/2nd.

Would Kiprusoff become the starter? If not, how do they split starts?

Will the Leafs extend Kiprusoff, and if so, how many years is an acceptable number?

Does Kiprusoff accept a backup role if that’s the plan, and does it rattle Reimer having that kind of veteran with his pedigree challenging him for starts?

Is this some massive and elaborate April Fool’s joke?

Also, if you want to read about players actually on the Leafs, I posted a Leafs Notebook earlier today.