Beggars can’t be choosers I guess. And thanks to the Senators, instead of a historic matchup against the Canadiens the Leafs will be facing the bastards from Bean town. (Here’s a great recap of all of this seasons matchups).

One year ago the articles on this series would be darker than Marc Savards house, but thankfully the Bruins have been falling down to Earth to the point that the Leafs have finally been able to grab a win off of them.

Led by Chara, Bergeron, Rask and Jagr, it seems they’ll have the Leafs outmatched, and when you add in the two bro-iest bros who ever bro-ed (Marchand and Tyler “The Trashman” Seguin), they seem to have depth that Toronto cannot yet match despite the rise of Kadri and Reimer.

There is hope to be had, as Lucic’s production seems to be hiding out in a Colorado bunker with Tim Thomas and their power play is weaker than Cam Neely’s knees, but it’s still hard to make a case that Toronto has an advantage in this series. Scoring depth and special teams may be best hope of winning (that or attempting to utilize speed instead of engaging in a purely physical series).

It’s not hard to go into this series with a ton of hate towards the Bruins. We are going to once again be forced to rehash the Kessel trade without any acknowledgement that the Leafs wouldn’t be in the playoffs if it wasn’t for Phil. We’ll hear about the Rask for Raycroft deal again (okay this one legit sucks). We’re forced to help line the pockets of Jeremy Jacobs, perhaps the man most responsible for this season’s lockout. And of course, we’ll get to constantly hear from the fan base that tastelessly went after Joel Ward last season.

We are now two days away from finally seeing a Leafs playoff game, and we get to go up against a team that is 3-5-2 in their last 10. If you’re looking for optimism, the current woes of the Bruins may be your silver lining. Win or lose, it’s exciting to be back. Now let’s shock the hockey world and beat these pissahs wicked bad.

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Here’s the First Round Schedule:

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