Questions for Cronin


An MLHS staffer will be interviewing assistant coach of the Leafs Greg Cronin in the next few days. While we have a lineup of questions already, we’ll take the best couple of reader-submitted inquiries and try to work them into the interview as well. Throw yours in the comments.

Monday morning links…

Dug up by @Steve_Dangle last night on Twitter – Leo Komarov plays the keyboard as Jussi Rynnas sings about him.

Two weeks later: The Maple Leafs
Michael Trakios of the National Post with an off-season review.

The Morgan Rielly conundrum
Jim Hughes hinted strongly that there’s nothing left to gain in junior for Rielly, Michael Langlois makes a few good points here to the contrary.

We don’t hear much about Bill Watters anymore, but it turns out he’s still saying moronic things.

Grabovski tops thin group of remaining UFA centers.
The next two in terms of points last season? Antropov and Wellwood.

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  • Burtonboy

    Morning Alec . I have a question for Cronin. Ask him his opinion of this so called advanced stat revolution we keep hearing about and if the Leafs make use of them .

  • Jordan29

    I would like to know if any of them actually surf the internet on different site like this one ever looking for certain info or anything. Not sure they would admit it but I bet they do

    • The_Polish_Cannon

      Kadri once tweeted about MLHS

  • Jordan29

    fuck me……i just watched Kadri scoring to make it 4-1 in game 7 again……why did it happen……why

    • jimmyg65

      Jordan29 It’s still too soon…

      • Dink

        jimmyg65 Jordan29 I am still in shock

        • jimmyg65

          @Dink jimmyg65 Jordan29 I was watching a “year in review” show on LeafsTV last night and had to turn it off when they got to game 7. The rest of the show was great

        • MaxwellHowe

          jimmyg65 Jordan29 I watched the highlights and came away thinking that, damn, Franson has gotsta get paid!

        • Bobsyouruncle

          MaxwellHowe jimmyg65 Jordan29 I guess you didn’t watch the goals against.

  • Burtonboy
    Kovalchuk’s new deal with SKA will be for four years. More details here:

  • Zeus_WilliamMapleLeafs

    Stay safe my fellow leafs and dont forget to drink

  • Dink

    Stay Thirsty, My Friends

  • Optimustic

    Dies anyone know what the assistant coaches are responsible for?  Is one taking care of the PK and an other running the PP, or do they all work together in all parts of the game?   Obviously St. Croix is the goalie coach and Underhill is the skating coach, but the others Farrish, Gordon an d Cronin that I’m wondering about.

    • Optimustic

      Edit:   “Does”

  • Komas Taberle

    Ask Cronin ” Are you telling off Grabo in this pic”?

  • wendelsfist

    Why did they choose to use a collapsing defensive system which gives up many shots against?
    Why was Grabbo given such a difficult checking role (poor dzone starts vs difficult competition)?
    How does the staff access team chemistry, player grit and leadership which are subjective?
    What type of stats beyond box car and scoring chances does the team look at?
    How useful do they think of Corsi (shot differentials) and if they use something superior internally?
    Why do they employ two enforcers who generally play 5 minutes a game when perhaps one would suffice and not sacrifice team depth and allow a more skilled PK or offensive talent to play the other position?.

  • MaxwellHowe

    To what extent have the recent changes in the roster addressed the collapse against the Bruins?  Were there players that failed to deliver in those final few minutes?

    • mcloki

      MaxwellHowe Experience is a great teacher. I think the same players would react differently in the same situation. Well the good ones would.