An MLHS staffer will be interviewing assistant coach of the Leafs Greg Cronin in the next few days. While we have a lineup of questions already, we’ll take the best couple of reader-submitted inquiries and try to work them into the interview as well. Throw yours in the comments.

Monday morning links…

Dug up by @Steve_Dangle last night on Twitter – Leo Komarov plays the keyboard as Jussi Rynnas sings about him.

Two weeks later: The Maple Leafs
Michael Trakios of the National Post with an off-season review.

The Morgan Rielly conundrum
Jim Hughes hinted strongly that there’s nothing left to gain in junior for Rielly, Michael Langlois makes a few good points here to the contrary.

We don’t hear much about Bill Watters anymore, but it turns out he’s still saying moronic things.

Grabovski tops thin group of remaining UFA centers.
The next two in terms of points last season? Antropov and Wellwood.

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