Cheers to 5 Years

Nazem Kadri
Photo: MLHS

Today, MLHS celebrates reaching the half-decade mark of existence. On this day 5 years ago, MLHS was a newborn blog adorned with a site banner I fashioned in about 5 minutes in MS Paint. To say I didn’t expect it to grow into one of the leading Leaf fan communities online, or for it to provide the opportunity to meet so many great people over the past 5 years, or for it to lead to opportunities such as publishing a magazine about the team and becoming acquainted with a few of the team’s players and members of management …. well, unexpected would be a whopping understatement. Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way and all those who continue to make MLHS what it is.

We have some exciting stuff coming down the pipe, starting as soon as this Thursday when we’ll be doing some live blogging and comprehensive coverage on the Leafs‘ 2013 rookie tournament from the press box in London.

To celebrate the onset of September, with the preseason events getting underway this week, let’s turn it over to BigBadBoss, who as always will get us right fired up with his videos on the YouTubes.

Tuesday morning links…

Here’s the rookie tournament roster and schedule.

Most Leafs bloggers took the long weekend off before getting back into season mode, except for Michael Langlois who has a piece up on the new Leaf he is most excited about seeing this season.

Darren Dreger “updates” the Kadri situation, using 22 words to say very little.

Editor in Leaf: Three Leafs with something to prove.

Blue Chip Prospects: Toronto Maple Leafs Season Preview

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Alec Brownscombe is the founder of, where he has written daily about the Leafs since September of 2008. He was also the editor of the 2009-12 Maple Leafs Annuals. You can contact him at [email protected]
  • JMAC17

    Five year anny, first day of school for my little guy, the day off work to enjoy the silence…man this is starting out a great day!
    Congrats Alec.  This really has blown up to be a great place, your hard work along with all the other contributors here is really appreciated.
    Keep the hits coming!

  • Burtonboy

    Bravo Alec. This site is obviously a major success and you have to feel a sense of satisfaction and pride at what you and the others involved have accomplished . Well done. 
    For me I ‘m just happy to be a small part of the most amazing Leafs community on the net. Hope there are many more yrs too come for all of s.

  • Joe_17

    Saw 5 years and a picture of Kadri :(
    Congrats on the success guys. Well earned. Theres still a few of us around who were here on day 1. Looking forward to many more years.

  • B_Leaf

    Hey Alec, I have been here from the beginning…thanks. It has been interesting not only to see the growth of the site but your growth as a person and in all things hockey. Cheers!

  • mcloki

    Congrats on five years gentlemen. You’re on your way to becoming a respected tradition. Keep up the good work.
    Morning gents. I’m ready for some hockey.

  • darthNihilus

    Happy Anniversary Guys. Been a fan and reader since 2009. Love this place-it owns all things Leafs. Amazing job and much thanks to Alec and all the writers, commentors. Love you MO FO’s! Now lets get this season started! (and stuff it in the mouths of the naysayers)

  • Jordan29

    This is so awesome. I had no clue that 5 years ago stumbling on some small site would turn out like this. I honestly learned a lot from you guys hockey wise and non hockey wise. Lets keep it going!

  • Mind Bomb

    Happy Birthday, MLHS, and good morning Everyone.
    Been a long fun time :) this next 5 years will be fun as we will make the Playoffs every year and win 2 cups to complete our first decade :)

  • Burtonboy

    Jordan29 I remember the 1st time I meet you Jord. Wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into. lol. Its certainly been interesting watching the site and the members evolve over the yrs.

  • Mind Bomb

    Burtonboy Jordan29 Hhaha there was a lot more swearing from Jor back then :)