Introducing the Maple Leafs Hot Stove Hangout

Maple Leafs Hot Stove Hangout
Photo: MLHS

We are proud to present the first episode of the Maple Leafs Hot Stove Hangout series. Each week, Michael Langlois from Vintage Leaf Memories, along with Aaron Chan and Michael Stephens, will cover the major stories and infinitesimal minutia that surround the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Be sure to check back weekly for more episodes, analysis and insight. What follows is the basic concept of our weekly show, with lots more in store in terms of different guests and segments. Don’t be afraid to provide some feedback in the comments.

Enjoy our short-ish preseason teaser/pilot below, including discussion on Bernier, Rielly, and Tim Leiweke’s nefarious plot to destroy the past.

Note: This was shot on Wednesday.

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  • Dink

    nice but I recommend watching it on youtube, it plays 100% better…

  • mcloki

    Well done gentlemen. Well done.

  • Burtonboy

    Good stuff guys . It should be interesting to see how this evolves. One would think the possibilities are endless. How about a debate between Cam and Fenton hehehehehe.

  • Cameron19

    So far, love the comment on Bernier: “If you’re fan of Bernier and you want him to be the starter, you can construct a story in your mind whereby Reimer is now terrible, and Bernier is the new guy who will obviously take it” (paraphrase).  Exactly.  And initial point was even better – aside from his high draft selection what has he actually done to deserve this level of support.

  • Uncle Otis

    Good job boys…felt unscripted, like a water cooler discussion
    Micheal..please tell me you were playing devil’s advocate on the picture issue…
    Next one?
    Cage match with Colin @ PPP…I volunteer

  • Burtonboy
    Neither Bernier’s nor Kadri’s injury are serious and both are expected to be fine.

  • Burtonboy

    -Keon- Oh shit …. look out now :))))

  • Mind Bomb

    A Victorious Good morning to All.

  • MLHS_Luke

    Cool.  coolcoolcool.

  • Cameron19

    Agree with Michael again, Eakins is doing the picture thing properly.  You want to make the dressing room the place of the current players, I think that’s a good idea.  But removing pictures from the building makes no sense.