Morning Mashup: Food Coma Edition

Nazem Kadri

Good morning to all those Leafs fans coming out of their food coma if Thanksgiving dinner was yesterday. To those who are having one today, enjoy!

The banged up Leafs squad entertain the Minnesota Wild tomorrow night, but each game that passes brings the team closer to full health. Thanks to some great goaltending from Bernier (I’ll overlook the Edmonton game), they’ve managed a 5-1 record so far. If they can get some bodies back and keep playing well, the team has set themselves up nicely through the first month.

As per @HennyTweets on twitter, JVR is not skating at practice today but let’s hope that’s a maintenance day and nothing that will keep him out of game action as he has been fantastic to start the year. Frazer McLaren is taking part in practice today for the first time since injuring his finger in camp (thanks, Carter Ashton), although he isn’t eligible to come off LTIR until the team’s 11th game.

I would like to see Reimer start Tuesday I think, but what do you guys feel about the “win-and-you’re-in” goaltending system?

Not a whole lot of news aside from the practice notes I mentioned, but expect everything to pick right back up tomorrow as it’s a game day!

Here are some links to tide you over until everyone wakes up tomorrow! As usual, pop relevant links and tweets into the comments!

Michael over at VLM has some musings after a few weeks of this new season.

Mark Masters post-game video on TSN sums up Saturday’s game nicely.

  • wiski minutes ago
    Dastsuyk turns Chara into a Phaneuf like pylon wow what a dangle

  • Optimustic

    CanuckUKinToronto I agree that Reimer likely starts tomorrow, but I don’t think Bernier was that bad, he just wasn’t what he showed the first few games.

  • wiski

    There’s our Gus

  • Loric76
    Thanksgiving Tradition: Turkey’s Served!

  • mlclearwater

    No offence but  this is a pointless story

  • Loric76
    Rough. RT Should note that Biron was asked about retirement as possibility. Didn’t deny that as an option

  • wiski

    Optimustic CanuckUKinToronto They were taliking about the starter on leafslunch, the decisions are gonna start getting tougher and tougher. I would go with Reimer as well

  • wiski On this date in 1979 I had my #7 retired by and Wayne Gretzky scored his first goal.

  • GreekGod

    I think Carlyle will go with Bernier again this tuesday and use Reimer on Thursday. Then back to Bernier for Saturday’s game against the Hawks

  • Burtonboy

    -Keon- And the moon is made of green cheese too lol