Maple Leaf Hangout Ep.#11 with Gus Katsaros


The Maple Leaf Hangout – Episode #11

Gus Katsaros (@KatsHockey) joins Michael and Michael to discuss:

– Bolland’s injury
– JvR filling the void at center
– The breakout/turnover problems and getting out shot

and more.

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Refresh, should say starting soon if you hit play.

  • Burtonboy

    Yaknowwhat HAHAHAHA Murray …what a cown

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    Alec Brownscombe beers on ice, I’m ready for this experience

  • MaxwellHowe

    If they don’t solve all our problems, I’ll never watch again.  But good luck guys, no pressure

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    Yaknowwhat im crossing my fingers

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    stupid Columbus, get your head out your ass and beat the sens


    Yaknowwhat ……I-0 Blues

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    Shift_Disturber1 is it free ticket night?

  • TuckerForPunishment

    Should we all stand for the national anthem?  I think Stevens should sing.

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    ahem….im waiting….lol…jk jk