Randy Carlyle: Wednesday Practice


Carlyle takes a question on David Clarkson’s first five games, the return of Mark Fraser, his desire for his team to get back to a “workmanlike” effort with less cute play, and some odd questions on hazing in hockey.

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  • Leafa

    Fraser is practically the best positional and reliable defenseman we have and anyone who’s played hockey knows…. Glad he’s back in the fold

  • BPsotka

    @Leafa You spelled Phaneuf wrong.
    Fraser is slow; honestly I think it was good for the leafs that he got injured in the Boston series. He plays very well against the opposition that he plays against, but I would not like him on the top pairing with Phaneuf facing our opponents top players.

  • dlb eh

    who’s the 16 year old on Randy’s left?

  • dlb eh

    “well that’s the way it goes when you’re the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs” – who was that?  what a douche bag.  how important is he?
    “who’s your favourite goalie” – i just laughed at that, waiting for him to say bubba booey

  • dlb eh

    laughed at the first line and agree with you about Phaneuf, and agree with the last edit
    i think Fraser’s injury hurt us a lot in the playoffs.  he might not have been perfect, but when everyone was tired and collapsing in to defend our net and block shots and clear players from the front of the net and fight along the wall to get pucks out…well that’s what Fraser does best.  and at the very least he was another player to eat a couple of Phaneuf’s and Gunnar’s minutes…and they were spent.
    Ranger, same deal.  protecting a lead?  throw him out there when he doesn’t have to push to do too much.  he’s a bitch to play against.

  • Dangle_My_Berries

    dlb eh did brooksi get a job covering the Leafs?

  • mcloki

    BPsotka Fraser isn’t s a top 4 D but he brings the snarl that is needed. And I’d rather have had Fraser and Bozak for those 2 last games.

  • ProfessorRance

    dlb eh His son perhaps. It’s take your kid to work day today.

  • lilgrnmen17

    not a big fan of carlyle, but as long as the leafs keep winning i guess i’ll shut my mouth. you can tell he hates dealing with the media, can’t say I blame him or anybody associated with the leafs, a bunch of lame questions and canned answers, how often is it that you actually get something useful from these.

  • Anthony Petrielli

    Any guesses as to what’s happening? RE: Smith being sent down