Maple Leaf Hangout Ep.#11 with Gus Katsaros


The Maple Leaf Hangout – Episode #11

Gus Katsaros (@KatsHockey) joins Michael and Michael to discuss:

– Bolland’s injury
– JvR filling the void at center
– The breakout/turnover problems and getting out shot

and more.

  • Belfour20

    mlclearwater clark sittler You guys crack me up.

  • lukethenuke

    lol sharks scored in OT and they didnt even go upstairs to check it!! You dont fucked up NHL

  • Uncle Otis

    Is this the same Bob Rae that,as premier, tried to steal all the Nottawasaga Bay beachfront  from 100 yr old  legally land titled cottage owners because of a survey technicality denoting the “line of the woods” turning it into a massive park?
    Bullying?  Check
    Waste of time/resourses?  Check (he lost)
    Hypocrite? Check Check

  • GiuseppeM

    The same Bob Rae who practically ruined this province, yup

  • Uncle Otis

    Just finished the hangout
    Mike; dunno what to say….don’t drink and Dayquil
    Might have to trade you to Calgary with a third rounder to get Joe back. 😉
    Gus….well done!  I agree with your most salient points. You’re a keeper.

  • MaxwellHowe

    So who is going to be the centre du jour?  Kulimen?  Mark Fraser?…  Bernier?

  • Uncle Otis

    If the experiments don’t take;
    Kadri 1, McClement 2, Smith/McKegg 3/4
    I don’t see this as the catastrophic problem as everyone else does…Smith has performed yeoman like service and can likely handle larger,defensive 3rd line minutes.
    McC is a very capable problem on #2
    Kadri needs to up his focus and intensity,limiting turnovers…but he’s very capable too at #1
    Smith can handle a shutdown ,defensive third line role IMO…not an issue.
    Mckegg should see 5-7 mins max …
    If anything,this should give Randy the ability to simplify the game,and focus on smart,defensive hockey first,rallying behind the fallen soldiers/facing new adversity.
    I say we will be just fine

  • phaneufoundlander

    Uncle Otis MaxwellHowe Gotta agree Otis..Leafs will be just fine….just gotta raise
    their work ethic and get a little nastier….all this nonsense about the sky falling
    b/c Bolland is out is blown way out of proportion…he’s not Crosby.

    Any update on Fraser?

  • MaxwellHowe

    phaneufoundlander Uncle Otis MaxwellHowe I agree, they can get by, and maybe pull what the Senators pulled last year – button down and begin to work hard.  Form good habits for when Bozak and Bolland return.  I would still like to see JVR tried at centre on the first line, even if just for a few shifts here and there.  Raymond as well.

  • B_Leaf

    It is good we have won ugly. But what is concerning is that we haven’t really played any good games yet. Maybe the Pitt game. There have been a few games that were OK. But we haven’t played a really good game yet. Last year we played the game right, finished our checks, our D punished the opposition. I think getting Kulemin and Fraser back will help more than what we think. Of course losing Bolland and Bozak cannot be good. 
    It will be interesting to see how the JKL line does. I have always thought Kessel should play with two guys with size. On the offensive side Kessel will likely be the playmaker but he has two guys to work with.