Lupul to miss road trip with a groin strain

Joffrey Lupul
Photo: Getty Images

Try to act surprised, everybody.

Joffrey Lupul is back on the injury shelf. The Leafs‘ porcelain man appeared to tweak something as he pivoted in the corner in the second period of last night’s game. He limped off to the dressing room and didn’t return.

It’s being described as a grade-2 groin strain, which is defined as a partial tear of the muscles in the groin. LA goalie Jonathan Quick is currently sidelined with the same injury without a clear timetable for a return. Puck Daddy suggested Quick may be looking at a 4-6 week recovery period.

Lupul had been struggling for much of November. Throw out the three-assist game against New York and Lupul has one point in nine other November games.

There’s little doubt that the Leafs were relying on Lupul as a key piece in turning the offense around after scoring just 17 goals in 10 November games.

The injury plague continues to haunt the Leaf forwards, just as Tyler Bozak is returning and the team was looking relatively healthy. With Lupul, however, this is becoming a non-story.

Lupul’s first injury as a Leaf was a separated shoulder in March of 2012, sidelining him for the remaining 16 games of the 2011-12 season. He broke his forearm at the start of the 2013 season courtesy a Phaneuf slapshot, missing 25 games. He was suspended for two games and sustained a concussion in early April of 2013, adding up to seven more missed games and a total of 16 out of 48 games played in 2012-13.

This season he’s missed two games with a bruised foot, after taking a shot to the foot in practice, and now stands to miss a run of games with a groin injury.

Lupul won’t travel with the team for its upcoming road trip to Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Montreal. Randy Carlyle could shift a few things around and reinsert Trevor Smith into the fold, or he could recall Josh Leivo from the Toronto Marlies.

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  • rustynail

    Looks like yet another player on LTIR

  • Rthiffault

    one day after our ‘healthiest game of the season’ and this happens…

  • rustynail

    Rthiffault Bozak went down the game Clarkson came back, seems to be a trend

  • Rthiffault

    I’m hoping these next few games Bozak can get back in stride and Kadri-Clarkson can get some chemistry because we need some GOALS!

  • Rthiffault

    rustynail Rthiffault first they giveth, then they taketh away.

  • 4evrblue

    rustynail well they better do it in a hurry so I can replace him in my fantasy league lol

  • Alec Brownscombe

    Leafs D has been as weak, or weaker, than I feared in the off season when Ranger was our biggest add.

  • whalz

    Alec Brownscombe that’s why a LILES for Gleason is a good move.

  • dlb eh

    do we know Gleason will make us better?  we’re pretty bad if CARs defensive throwaway improves our team

  • Alec Brownscombe

    @whalz Alec Brownscombe We need a Gleason type, but I don’t want Gleason himself. We need a solid defensive D with a good first pass.
    Other thing is that teams might have the book on us. Pinch down the half walls and they’ll turn the puck over.