Morning Mashup: Stars In Town Tonight

Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin Shake Hands

The Leafs dropped their first December contest to extend the losing streak to five games, and six of the last seven. San Jose hurled 41 shots on the net and James Reimer was pretty good yet again, but it was another game where a poor first period meant that the Leafs were playing catchup all night.

What really stood out on Tuesday night was the pace and puck control an elite team like San Jose sustains throughout the majority of the 60 minutes. The Leafs have shown the capability of dominating stretches of play, but are a ways off of the consistency of the elite teams in the league like the Sharks; or the Kings, Blues and Blackhawks, each of whom the Leafs play in the next week and a half.

It was also another game with more injury fallout. Tyler Bozak left the game for a stretch in the second period and returned briefly, only to leave the game for good and miss the third period. Early indications suggest it’s an upper body injury this time, unrelated a to the hamstring issue that had him on IR in November. Just as Nazem Kadri returns, the Leafs are down another center.


Don’t panic yet, but Phil Kessel also left practice early with what is rumoured to be an ailing wrist injury, although that is unconfirmed at this stage. Randy Carlyle didn’t seem to think it would impact his ability to play tonight. Jerred Smithson was waived by the Leafs yesterday and will report to the Toronto Marlies today if he is not claimed by noon, which he almost certainly will not be.

Next up is the Dallas Stars tonight as the tough December marches on.

Some Leafs links on this Wednesday morning:

  • Kinger4

    Sup boys? Been a while since I been here, look at all the changes. Can
    ya say confused lol, but yeah not to impressed lately with the Leafs
    play, we need to
    get shit together quick and fast. I read somewhere a couple people
    suggested moving Gardiner up to forward, I say why not give it a shot,
    it worked for Burns over in San Jose. Can’t hurt at this point.

  • JWaterdrager

    The Leafs have shown the capability of dominating stretches of play, but are a ways off of the consistency of the elite teams in the league like the Sharks; or the Kings, Blues and Blackhawks.
    That’s why we aren’t a contender yet, unlike the mentioned teams. But the consistency will come, our top 9 has 3 new players, and with the injuries even more shuffling. Plus before the season management and coaching said they wanted to play a more dominating game. I’m not worried consistency isn’t there yet, give it some time.

  • Burtonboy

    I see a lot of posts about Fredrick Gauthier in the last blog. Seems to be many doubters . Well its seems that Brent Suter and Hockey Canada thought enough of him to invite him to the WJ. Thats the top 25 jrs in the country so I’m not sure what people don’t see because a lot experts obviously think very highly of this young man.

  • phaneufoundlander

    Man, I watched the last ten minutes of the Schab game last night, do those bastards have a horseshoe up their ass or what? … and ppl should think twice before they put Stupidban on team Canada, that goblin turns the puck over more than a peewee….I hope the Bruins pummel those fucks tonight and place a few in the injury column….Go Chara, please ride Maxi Pad into the turn buckle again…please.

  • phaneufoundlander

    Burtonboy Lets just hope he’s not another Colbourne….

  • Burtonboy

    phaneufoundlander Burtonboy Don’t think Colborne was ever invited to be on a World Jr. team. Instead of saying lets hope he’s not a another Colborne how about we say lets hope he turns into a Jordan Staal

  • maple1967leafs

    Burtonboy  Big Freddy will be a very good NHL hockey  player,His defensive game is as good as any jr , Offence is second for him but when he gets to the front of the net he can be deadly

  • phaneufoundlander

    Burtonboy phaneufoundlander I’d love to think that way but the Leafs luck of finding diamonds in the rough are scarce.

  • maple1967leafs

    phaneufoundlander  no more turn buckles they too them out

  • Burtonboy

    maple1967leafs Burtonboy He was invited to be on that team for a reason.