David Clarkson Suspended 2 Games


Brendan Shanahan and the NHL have come down on yet another Maple Leaf; this time for a cheap, blindside hit to St. Louis Blues player, Vladimir Sobotka, by David Clarkson.

Ruling Video

  • Shafty

    No loss

  • TML67

    Won’t be missed…. He can’t even stay on his skates

  • http://i.imgur.com/MyKj5C3.gif ingy56

    Poor guy has to answer for this…to Mrs. Clarkson.

  • overthelimit80

    LeafsNews We’ll miss his prolific offense.

  • wiski

    ingy56 coughed up 400k of salary 😉

  • gjdevlin

    An open letter to David Clarkson: we were estatic that you joined the Maple Leafs. We hoped that you would bring  your grit and determination but up to this game you have shown nothing. I think this suspension should give you some time to elevate  your game and evaluate where you are at.

    Take a look at the comments on TSN and here. Most fans are HAPPY you are suspended and so am I. If you feel you can’t do more than you should be doing I think you should ask Nonis for a trade and get the hell out of here. If you want to belong to Toronto then you better start acting like you belong here.

    signed – a disappointed fan. Hopefully others will respond to this. I doubt he will read this but what the hell.

  • http://i.imgur.com/MyKj5C3.gif ingy56

    wiski ingy56 I hope someone drops a Christmas hamper to his house.

  • wiski

    ingy56 wiski full of shit.

  • wiski

    Hope the Boys show the fuck up tonight

  • wiski

    Steven Stamkos skates 1 month after a broken leg. He’d have healed faster but was afraid he’d be named a new Avenger & have to leave hockey.