Post Game Thread: Shootout Loss to Detroit


The Leafs dropped a 5-4 shootout decision to the arch-rival Detroit Red Wings tonight in Toronto. I missed a portion of the game due to various Christmas functions I was attending but a few things stood out from what I saw:

  • Reimer got pulled after a period and 3 goals against…again. Seems a touch unfair seeing as Bernier has yet to be pulled from any of his starts this season.
  • Carlyle’s insistence on using Raymond in the shootout over other options is becoming a point of frustration. Without the spin-o-rama in his arsenal I don’t know that he’s a good option in lieu of some other players on the bench.
  • 24/7 will have a good time breaking this game down, with multiple lead changes, overtime and a shootout decision.
  • Rielly just missed a game-winner in overtime, would have been an incredible accomplishment on home ice.
  • If the roads where I live are any indication, ice quality should be good for an outdoor game.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe in southern Ontario where the roads are closer to a rink than pavement. Merry Christmas Leafs fans!

  • Belfour20

    Go LEAFS Go! Dust yourself off and try again Monday.

  • Zep2

    I was hoping that if we got to Xmas and be above .500 wed be ok

    Worse we can do now is 1 game over .500. Not sure well be ok now.  1st line is 00-forever and showing no sign of being interested.

    Lupul/Holland /Kessel might send a message

  • Xxxxxnew

    If, as some believe, the team has quit on Carlyle after 100 games, I don’t think there’s much hope for the next coach coming in if that’s what this group is about. Why listen to someone who keeps bugging you to play harder and smarter when you can listen to a few million fans who think you’re amazing just because you wear the blue and white.

  • PEIleafnation

    win on Monday would be great way to end the xmas break…pts in 3 straight then

  • Zep2

    We bitch constantly about Bozak, but both Wilson and Carlyle trusted him to play big minutes. No centre topped 19 min tonite and we had 3 wingers on the PP1

  • wiski

    Belfour20 To lazy to even do that ffs

  • Cloud09

    Zep2 Wilson hasn’t had a job since… I think that speaks quite a bit IMO.

  • Cloud09

    Flirting_With_Disaster Cloud09 Zep2 I thought he had a sighting at the last WJC or World Championships with team USA but I’m not sure if it was him.

  • wiski

    Flirting_With_Disaster Cloud09 Zep2 Took the money and ran

  • Xxxxxnew

    He lives in Carolina, had a big place there for years.